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How To Clean A Heating Systems Ducts

Cleaning heating ducts

The ducted heating system or central heating is designed to keep the whole house warm by blowing warm air out from the ventral. It is usually seated on the ceiling or floor. This heat is generated by the electric reverse cycle AC or a gas furnace. This system heats your house quickly, but at the same time, a reverse cycle system can also cool the home for summer and have much lower running costs.

It helps to control the climate of your house by changing the temperature and keeping it comfortable as per the seasonal need. Before installing the ducted heating system, you need to consider these factors.

  • Type of your house.
  • Check whether your home is insulated or not.
  • Your house direction.
  • The rooms in the house.
  • Rooms size.
  • Height of your room's ceiling.
  • Position and measurements of the doors and windows.
  • How much space do you desire to cool?

It's pretty useful in every house. However, at the same time, it requires proper maintenance and regular servicing because, without maintenance, it may affect the performance and efficiency of the system and can also reduce the lifespan of the product.

But there are not many things to look for to maintain the heating ducts. However, you can follow a few things to maintain the efficiency of the product.

Dust from the filters

It would help to clean the dust and dirt from the filters every 3-4 months. If you do not clean them, the dust will clog the air filters and restrict the airflow. And cleaning will make sure that the ducted heating system will work with its best efficiency and reduce extra energy usage. It also ensures that no germ is spreading in your house that can make you or your dear ones fall sick.

If you want to clean it yourself, first, remove the vent gates and wash them with warm and soapy water. Then leave the gates for drying. If you find any debris inside the system, remove them before closing.

1. Indoor unit grilles

If the dirt is present inside the grills, you can vacuum or clean them by wiping them with a cloth for good airflow.

2. Outdoor unit

The cleaning of the outdoor unit of the ducted heating system is as important as cleaning the air filters from inside. Sometimes leaves, debris, weeds are stuck from the outside, blocking the airflow. However, cleaning it, remember to cut the electric supply from the system. Otherwise, it may lead to a dangerous situation. You can wash and clean them.

3. When to call a professional

There are still some issues that would require you to call a professional who has expertise in cleaning the ducted heating system.

Some issues are:

  • The system's servicing must be done every 12 months.
  • It will make sure that the system will work smoothly and with better efficiency and provide you with the comfort you need for an extended period,
  • significantly when the weather changes.
  • Sometimes rats, insects, and other small creatures live inside the ducted heating system. If you notice something like this, call the professionals.
  • Moulds or fungus can also be present inside the ducted heating system that may issue and produce foul smell so, to solve this also you can call the professionals.
  • If there is dirt inside the house that has come from the outside, call the professionals for proper cleaning.

If you look all over the ducted heating systems, it is terrific for your house to provide you with comfort and a better living. However, at the same time, you have to take good care of the system to maintain its efficiency. You can take help from the above factors and solve all your issues.

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