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9 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Modern

Give bathroom a modern look

The bathroom is indeed expensive to decorate. But you don't have to spend a fortune to make it look modern. Instead of leaving your old bathroom with its pristine design, use these tips to make your bathroom space look modern, elegant and luxurious.

1. Add a seat

Virtually all high-end bathrooms have one type of seat or another, whether it is an armchair, an ottoman or small garden stool. When you are choosing a chair, you can create balance against the tiles with a seat that has soft upholstery and raw wood. Your chair can also be a great place to do your pedicure instead of an uncomfortable toilet seat.

2. Change the bath mat

An old or dirty bath mat will make your bathroom look untidy. Take a second look at your bath rug and decide if it needs replacing. When you are planning to replace it, you may choose Persian or Turkish rugs instead of the traditional terry cloth mats. Tufted wool rugs are beautiful, attractive, and they keep looking good as they age. They are soft to touch, and they keep your feet warm.

3. Add brass fixtures

Copper or brass can add luxury to any bathroom. Instead of the typical chrome finish, you find in most bathrooms; brass can make the room look modern and stylish. Without spending a lot of money, you can replace your bathroom mirror with a brass-framed one, change a faucet or two, or get a new brass soap dish.

4. Bring in outdoor elements

Many high-end bathrooms have outdoor items in their design. As you renovate your bathroom, find ways to bring in more natural light with window treatments that allow more natural light to come in. Add plants, some decor, or artwork that can help you to bring in the wonders of nature into your space.

5. Declutter your bathroom

Keep everything in your bathroom nicely arranged. Let there be a place to hang your towels and robes. Install a hanger for your towels, hand towels, and a hook for hanging bathrobes. Also, you should keep your cotton balls out of site, place your toothbrush in a tumbler and your soap in a dish. While these additions may not be noticed immediately, they have a significant impact on the look and feel of the bathroom.

6. Use white for elegance

Use white countertops and cabinets to make a simple and elegant backdrop for your bathroom. Also, add a light or neutral paint colour and white bath towels to create the look of a luxurious bathroom. Your casual rental bathroom can look expensive if you add high-quality white towels with monogramming. It gives it a 5-star look and feel.

7. Put in a pop of colour on shelves and cabinets

Boost the style of your plain coloured bathroom by adding a bold colour to your cabinets and shelves. Choose a single colour to use as an accent and repeat it on all the shelves and cabinets in the bathroom. You can also add other accent pieces with the same colour such as rugs, artwork, mirror frames and towels.

8. Add a natural style to your bathroom

Adding some wood to decorate one of the walls or the floor can give your bathroom a calming or soothing effect. So if you want a bathroom that also serves as a place to relax or have a retreat, you can use wood to create a horizontal wall design. This is the type of design that's used at a sauna in a beach or ski resort.

9. Change the lighting

Replacing the lighting in the bathroom is an easy way to turn your simple everyday space into an elegant looking showpiece. Carefully chosen scones, ceiling fixtures or chandeliers will not only illuminate your area, but they will also add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. Replace your traditional light bar on top of your mirror with beautiful scones placed on each side. If you have enough space, hang a pendant lighting fixture or a chandelier.

Bring your bathroom into this century

With these tips, you transform your bathroom into a modern, luxurious space without a huge decorating budget. Use the colour and decorating tips and the right accessories to create a gorgeous and elegant bathroom.

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