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Turn Your Tiny Balcony Into an Outdoor Paradise

Redesign your balcony into an outdoor paradise

If you are a homeowner, you need a balcony that is not only organized and functional, but that is also beautiful enough to complement the stunning look of your outdoors; the flower garden, lawn, and such.

For the city dwellers living in small apartments with equally small balconies, you need a balcony that both allow you to relax under the evening sun and that enhances the circulation of free air in and around the apartment.

And who said that it is impossible to convert your tiny balcony into an outdoor paradise?

Just imagine the thousands of urban dwellers who lack a modest terrace, leave alone a balcony? Don’t complain; work on that blank concrete slab and start transforming it to the luxurious summer treat you dream of having.

This means getting creative- Going beyond merely placing a camping chair on the balcony and assuming that you have exhausted all of its design potentials.

There are a lot of people who work from their homes and use their balcony as a creative way of working and relaxing at the same time.

So, are you ready for some modern, brilliant balcony décor ideas for your tiny balcony? Here you go

1. Wood decking

The concrete slab you call a balcony doesn’t show your personality, and neither does it inspire you in any way. It is annoying, to say the least- Improve its look by installing interlocking deck tiles to cover the concrete floor. And because snapping the decks apart is effortless, you can always remove them when you decide to move from your rented apartment.

2. Set up a café table

Is there a better way to enjoy your breakfast than doing it on a balcony as you admire the beautiful views of your garden or the city buildings? Bring the high-end café experience to your new home by setting up a café table in your tiny balcony.

If you can afford a foldable table, the better, as they are more portable and easy to store.

3. Built-in seats

Built-in seats are great because they maximize the seating space in your tiny balcony. And in case you live in the city, these seats are firm enough to withstand the crazy winds that sometimes send balcony furniture flying in the street.

4. Bamboo privacy screen with lantern string lights

This is an excellent DIY project that you should try if you can find several bamboo poles. They are affordable, really; you can buy five or more of them with a $10 bill at a local store.

All you need to do is cut them through the diameter, connect them with a rope or zip ties, and then install them as a cultured privacy screen. To spice things up, add some lantern string lights around the screen’s perimeter.

5. Texturize the balcony

Who said that luxurious textiles and cushy fabrics belong to the interiors only? Go ahead and acquire UV and water-resistant plush cushions, seat covers, and patterned rugs for your balcony. They will make it warm, comfortable, and welcoming.

6. Adding a wall canvas

Beautifying your balcony is part of your overall home improvement project, and a home is never improved without a beautiful canvas wall art. It is time you hang wall art that is weather-resistant to your small balcony.

Oh! Remember to match its colour with the garden colours so that it can serve as the link between your apartment and the garden.

7. Install solar string lights

Candles are okay, but solar string lights are mind-blowing. Two main advantages of beautifying your tiny balcony with solar-powered lights are that they can withstand the wind and they are charged for free by the sun.

They are great for those magical, romantic nights in the middle of summer when cool breezes blow slowly but steadily. Instead of adding romance to the party, this breeze can ruin your night by blowing off candles.

Protip! For more tips on home lighting then check out our post on how to brighten up your homes atmosphere 

8. Go green

Green plants are suitable for the balcony as they are for the interiors. Acquire some planters and fill them with nice-smelling herbs and beautiful lush plants for that “backyard” look for your small apartment balcony.

9. Curated furnishings

Can you find an Acapulco chair? What about a hanging chair? A hammock swing, maybe? All these are impressive furnishings that will make your tiny balcony fashionable and comfortable. They bring to your balcony the right dose of laid-back vibe for optimal relaxation.

10. Campfire

If you live in a city apartment, you may not be able to light up an open-flame or keep a fire pit in your balcony. Worry not, though, as you can make a fake, faux fire using decorative firewood and string lights.

In Conclusion

Are you planning to buy a house soon? The ten balcony design tips will help you to create an impressive balcony. You can always find more ideas online. Just don’t let small space put your decorative spirits down.

About the author

Monica Gibson is an architect and writer for different design websites. She is young and ambitious, with a degree in architecture. She has eight-plus years of experience in interior and exterior design. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and create their perfect sweet home. She also creates wall art canvases, and you can find some of those on https://www.elephantstock.com/

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