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How To Keep Your Smart Home Data Private and Secure

02 August 2022 | 0 comments | Posted by Dea Muric in Constructive Criticism

secure your smart home data

More sophisticated and digitalized homes are emerging. During the last two decades, the popularity and adoption of high-end technology coupled with internet power have increased at an overwhelming rate. A more streamlined, savvy, and hyper-personalized digital home environment is being developed by big tech companies like Samsung, Apple, Google, and many others.

In 2021, there were 7.6 billion IoT devices. It is anticipated that IoT-connected devices will reach a whopping 24.1 billion by 2030, meaning that each individual will own over three gadgets.

Smart home systems and applications make your life a lot easier, more convenient, more entertaining, and ideally customized to your own preferences. However, if technology and innovation increase your convenience at home, the chance of being a victim of cybercriminals also increases.

Hackers might steal your personal or financial data and use them inappropriately. Hackers can also take control of your digital devices, including smart cameras and microphones. Since homes are getting smarter and digitalized over time, it has become necessary to protect your home data.

Following are the five ways to keep your smart data private and secure.

Make sure your smart speakers are secured, and the features you aren't using are disabled

Smart speakers are quickly becoming an essential component of the contemporary digital home. However, 59% of those who do possess smart speakers report having confidentiality issues, compared to 63% of individuals who don't because they're concerned that hackers may steal their private information.

Researchers have recently discovered that smart speakers can be controlled with lasers, while cybercriminals have uncovered loopholes in wireless doorbell cameras.

The first rule of thumb is to not share personal data like bank details, digits, or any other sensitive information with digital speakers. Moreover, disable any features that are not in use.

Stay on top of things by holding the reins of monitoring

Digital home security devices not only facilitate efficiency and convenience but also make us feel protected in our homes. Thus, it makes sense that they can be investigated if concerns are raised about accessing our home data. In-home security protocols can violate privacy, so you should be aware of this possibility. You should take all the reigns of surveillance into your own hands if you want to stay on top of things to protect your personal data.

Enable 2FA and create extremely strong passwords

Usually, smart home devices come with simple-to-guess default passwords that are meant to be reset and modified. Change the default passwords right away after you purchase any device. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is typically an additional security measure that extends beyond a simple password. When using 2FA verification, a user must present extra identification evidence each time they try to log into a smart device. Set two-factor authentication, monitor all the connected devices and disconnect any that are suspicious or unknown.

Verify that your router is encrypted

In most smart homes, smart devices connect to the Internet via your router, so if a cyberpunk breaches your router, data could be viewed. Change the login details and use a lengthy, complicated, one-of-a-kind password to strengthen your router's security. Your home data is secured if you make sure that your router is utilising the strongest encryption possible.

Ensure that Wi-Fi sensing is enabled to prevent privacy threats

In this modern and digitally savvy world, Wi-Fi is an essential technology. WiFi sensing uses signals to identify and analyze activity. By utilizing artificial intelligence combined with machine learning, WiFi sensing sets itself apart from conventional motion detection. It helps in securing your private home data by simply monitoring the locations and movement.

The bottom line

Our life now cannot function without the use of smart gadgets. Even though these devices make our lives more convenient, they also increase the chances for a hacker to access our private data.

Even if you get the priciest digital devices from reputable manufacturers, the protection of your smart home ultimately rests on your own shoulders. Therefore, conduct your own research before making any purchase and follow the tips mentioned above to stay protected and secure.

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