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What Are Anthracite Radiators?

why anthracite Radiators are popular

When the time comes, and you need to replace your old radiators, you have multiple options to choose from. They all come in numerous designs, shapes, colours, types, and styles. There are also a variety of brands that sell different models. This could make it hard to make one choice.

Grey radiators, also called anthracite radiators, are one of the most popular radiators in the market today. They are not only efficient in providing heat for your home but are also cost-effective and come in a wide range of design and style options.

They enhance a sophisticated appearance, making them the best choice for modern spaces and rooms undergoing renovations. They are also ideal for just about any rooms in the home; bedrooms, living rooms, and even bathrooms.

What does anthracite mean?

Anthracite means dark grey. In radiators, the term refers to the dark grey shades you might have seen in some (trendiest) interior projects. They are exceedingly becoming more popular in show homes. Compared to other bright and vibrant colours, grey radiators are "cool, calm, and collected";

They provide a calming appearance, relaxing feel and are not intrusive. This makes them ideal for relaxation spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms. Another significant factor of theirs is that they blend pretty fast and well with other bright colours, and even so, you can never fail to notice them.

When they first came into the market, anthracite radiators were one of the most expensive. But with the advancement of features and designs and the wild popularity, the prices went down, and they are now more affordable. What's more? They come in different types and models with a price range, giving you options to fit your budget.

The different types of anthracite radiators

Double panel anthracite radiators

Double panel grey radiators are mainly designed for larger rooms. This is because they provide more heat and power. They are also a great way to enhance the room's look as they are also a decorative piece you can align alongside other arts and décors.

Some double panel grey radiators provide a streamlined look that is ideal and adaptive enough to fit in multiple different spaces, including offices, living rooms, dining spaces, and bedrooms.

Flat-panel anthracite radiators

This is a more straightforward option for anthracite radiators. Just like it sounds, the radiator is a fancy way of adding modernity to your space without shouting. They make areas look simple, neat, and elegant. They are also perfect for smaller spaces as they don't take up too much space.

You can also go for a white colour if you look for a more authentic, simple, and traditional look and feel. They come in different materials, finish, styles, and design. You have a variety of options to pick one that suits your themes, styles, and personality.

Column anthracite radiators

Column anthracite radiators are another popular type. They have a mix of traditional and modern and are a great option if you are looking to have a feel of both in your rooms. Their simplicity makes them great for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchen.

Designer anthracite radiators

Designer radiators come in different shapes and forms. But those with anthracite finishes make them more attractive. They come in multiple types, and you can get them as vertical or horizontal anthracite radiators.

More just being a heat-providing unit, it serves as a statement piece in the room, giving a fresh, beautiful, and unique wall space.

Anthracite towel radiators

It is usually more challenging to get bathroom heating right. This is because the heat fluctuates more often. Towel radiators serve the bathroom perfectly. They are mainly designed for the bathrooms and are a better convenient and efficient way to keep the room warm.

How to choose grey radiators

Choosing radiators sounds like an easy and fun venture. It is fun but not easy. Here is a simple step by step guide to help you choose the best;

Your existing themes and style

Modern radiators are not meant to provide heat. While that is the primary purpose, they do more than that. They are also a statement piece and enhance the look and feel of the room. Some radiators also serve multipurpose functions like mirror radiators.

So when on the search, keep your themes in mind;

  • What are your theme colours in the room?
  • How about the style and designs?
  • What materials are your decors mostly?

Answering questions such as this would help you pick one that will blend well with your style.

The size of your room

Grey radiators come in different sizes, types, and shapes. You want to consider the space you have before choosing your radiator. Remember to also keep the installation process in mind, piping, and such. This will save you potential frustrations and disappointments in the end.

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