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How does 3-dimensional printing help in dentistry

How 3D printing can help dentists

Within the medical field, there has been a wide variety of progressive scientific and technological advancements. Technology has changed the way that medical professionals diagnose as well as treat patients. Doctors may use a single test to obtain the results for a wide variety of conditions within a patient’s body. They may also devise ways of treatment, in the same manner, using various kinds of technology. Concerning this, there are many ways by which 3-dimensional printing has become a widely used tool for many professionals. However, one field where it has grown to be extremely popular is in the field of dentistry.

What is 3-dimensional printing?

3-dimensional printing is a form of additive technology that can print 3-dimensional tangible replicas of images. Printing of these models takes place either in the dental office or in a laboratory. Though the technology is still relatively new, it has already found a foothold in the dental field and is a rapidly growing industry.

1. Helps with prosthetics

To begin with, 3-dimensional printing helps dentists by creating models that are perfectly fitted to the patient's body. Dentists often take moulds and impressions of a patient's mouth for fittings like braces, night guards, etc. By creating these moulds, they can then adjust the model to what the teeth should look like. Thus, they can then print the aligners on to the teeth, thereby making it a perfect fit.

The greatest advantage of 3-dimensional printing is the speed of creating the models. They can create entire batches of retainers or aligners in this way. Thus, it is a speedy and cost-effective method. Numerous companies, including the company Invisalign, use such technology for this very use.

2. Creating crowns

Many times, when individuals suffer a bad fall or accident, their teeth may chip or break. In the past, the process of fixing this issue was incredibly time consuming and expensive. Individuals had to wait days before they received the crown and the treatment for fixing their teeth.

However, 3-dimensional printing has helped change this. Now, the dentist takes an impression of the mouth and then uses the software to create the crown.

3. Industrial Growth

Due to its rapidly growing nature, many companies have now dedicated themselves to this industry. Such companies invest time and resources into creating dental prosthetics as well as improving the technology. In this way, they have not only provided employment opportunities to individuals but have also assisted dentists to a larger extent.

4. Surgical Procedures

The act of surgery is one that requires precision and skill. This is even truer in the case of dentists as their target area is often small and concealed. Though the technique lies in the hands of the doctor, they can benefit from the use of excellent equipment, such as handheld x-rays. These devices reduce the exposure to radiation for the patient and hence reduce its harmful effects.

Concerning this, 3d printing has revolutionised the way surgeries take place. Dentists can print the 3d version of the target and thus get a better idea of how they can conduct the operation.

5. Checking Models

When receiving treatment, it is always essential that the procedure goes well the first time. Having crowns or braces that do not fit correctly can be extremely discomforting and sometimes painful. Sometimes, this may also lead to other issues within the mouth.

Thus, dentists may use the three dimensional print of your mouth to check whether the implants fit correctly.

6. New Applications

As mentioned earlier, science is always looking for ways to improve existing techniques and procedures. Thus, the use of 3d technology has paved the way for the development of new inventions and procedures. For example, research teams are now looking into the ability of 3-dimensional printing for the treatment of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

In this way, patients can receive treatments faster than ever before. Thus, it creates a more cost-effective and useful way of conducting procedures.


Visiting the dentist is an important part of your overall health. More than aesthetic value, your teeth also hold several clues about the internal workings of your system. Thus, you should visit the dentist regularly and go for appointments on time. With advancements in technology, the dentist can also improve the services that they offer you. Thus, they can ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy and functional throughout your lifetime.

In this way, 3-dimensional printing has greatly helped change the scope of dentistry and is a vital tool for many practitioners.

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