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Top 6 Benefits of Vaping Instead of Smoking

15 April 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Jessica Smith in Doctors Orders

Why to switch from smoking to vaping

Vaping is a trend that has been around for quite a while and had its boom in popularity but has started to even out now as the hype phase is gone and now has a steady stream of consumers joining and leaving. The has matured over the last decade and inventors as well as companies have worked on improving alternatives to smoking. Even if vaping has evolved quite a lot since those early days, the appeal remains the same.

The initial interest was seen as a fad but in recent times the renaissance and interest in that vaping on the global scale is due to certain benefits. The reason many users are picking up vaping or switching to vaping from smoking is primarily driven by these six benefits.

1. It's healthier and more discreet

Vaping poses a much smaller risk of lung cancer and other related ailments when compared to smoking. Even if vaping comes with a multitude of benefits, it isn't without its faults, as it's also linked to some ailments.

Unlike smoking, vaping doesn't involve any fire or combustion. Instead, it operates by heating the chamber where the vape fluid is placed, producing a vapour that is then inhaled.

As an additional bonus, it's allowed in most public places, unlike smoking. Plus, the vapour released from vape pens gives off a more pleasant smell than cigarette smoke, making it a more discreet option.

2. There is a wide range of flavours available

Vaping fluids come in a multitude of options, from nicotine filled liquids to a wide variety of flavours, and even CBD oil derivatives. Crude tobacco doesn't taste anything like the one found in cigarettes. This cigarette taste is achieved by refining tobacco with hazardous and cancerogenic chemicals to achieve the desired mild or intense flavours.

Vape juice, on the other hand, can taste like anything, and provide a carefully selected amount of nicotine to satisfy the smoker. You have the option to pick the flavour that you like; some of them are peppermint, coffee, and even candy or lemonade.

3. Vaping is can be more affordable than cigarettes

Cigarettes are a health hazard, and governments have been cutting down on their use by amplifying the taxes applied to tobacco products. These taxes force cigarette manufacturers to raise the prices of their products, effectively making smoking a very unhealthy and pricey vice.

Since these taxes aren't placed on vape pens and related products, vaping is much more affordable than smoking.

4. Vaping can help you quit cigarettes

Cigarettes are incredibly addictive and unhealthy. While vaping isn't the safest thing around. As mentioned, it's far superior when compared to cigarettes. Unlike cigarettes, vaping doesn't have to include dangerous nicotine substances and contains considerably less hazardous chemicals.

If you need nicotine, you can control the dosage you consume daily. If you've ever tried to kick the nasty habit of smoking, you've without a doubt relapsed a couple of times. With vaping, you will have a transition period, but you can take smaller doses of nicotine each week and rid yourself of your addiction once and for all. With the gradual decrease in the dose of nicotine, you will be able to kick the habit of smoking. After some time, you may even find the taste of cigarettes rather disgusting.

5. Vaping is more eco-friendly

Smoking doesn't only ruin your lungs; it destroys the environment. If you're looking for an environmentally friendly solution to smoking in this green revolution, you're looking at vaping. Apart from this, the process of creating vapes and vape juice pollutes far less than cigarettes. Considering that vapes are reusable, and cigarettes are not, it's generally the more eco-friendly option. 

Cigarette butts account for a lot of pollution around the world, and cigarette smoke is very damaging to the environment. Vaping:

  • Doesn't produce cigarette butts
  • Produces less harmful smoke
  • Is renewable and reusable
  • Has no second-hand smoke
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries

6. You can introduce CBD vape oil

With vaping, you can easily incorporate CBD into your daily routine. Instead of opting for nicotine, you can go for CBD vape juice. It is one of the best ways to get CBD oil in your system, as CBD infused oil is created out of CBD crystal isolates.

This is one of the most potent ways to consume CBD oil without wasting any of it. There are CBD e-juice options, but there are also many other ways to consume CBD oil without e-juice. You can try a wide variety of CBD E-liquid and you can virtually vape anything, marijuana, CBD concentrate, and raw hemp.

However, you might need different kinds of vape pens to different vape substances. If you're looking to add a little green in your life and rid yourself of cigarettes, CBD vape oil is ideal.

In conclusion

Vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking for a multitude of reasons. It's also one of the best ways to include CBD oil in our life. Purchasing the best CBD e-juice is not only cheap, but it's also as simple as visiting any premium CBD oil supplier online.

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