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9 Benefits Of Regular Visits To The Optometrist

14 January 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Doctors Orders

Regular Optometrist visit benefits

Having 20/20 vision is often an ability we take for granted until we lose it, poor habits, extended screen time, exposure to the run and age can all lead to your eye slight deteriorating over time. While most of us tend to skip the visit to the eye doctor as a non-essential medical check-up it is of real importance if you want to extend the lifespan of your eyes.

We all think we won't be the one to need glasses or contact lenses but the unfortunate matter is with so much of the modern adults time being spent on online it does have an adverse effect on our eyes.

It is recommended that you check in with your optometrist once a year and here's why:

1. Your vision might not be as good as you think

Have you never needed glasses? That could change over time, and it's essential you find out when it may actually be needed. If you don't see well, you begin to strain your eyes to performing daily tasks in an optimal way which can lead to headaches and more.

As your eye site reduces its effectiveness, it could become a hindrance for tasks like driving, reading, and computer use could suffer, and even become dangerous.

2. Doctors can detect early signs of severe diseases

Doctors can do more than check the quality of your eyesight and in the back of the eye evidence of high blood pressure and diabetes can both show up when eyes are dilated, way before you start to have significant symptoms begin to show. The back of the eye is the optic nerve, which is an extension of the neurological system. This means it provides access to diagnosis of for some neurological diseases (like optic neuritis, idiopathic intracranial hypertension, and even aneurysms) can show up, too.

3. Some eye conditions are irreversible if caught too late

Since there are no symptoms in the early stages, glaucoma is especially hard to catch. There are several eye conditions can be treated if known about first, but if you wait too long, it's much more difficult to reverse the damage. Tests like having your eye pressure checked once a year, you can detect it early, before it leads to serious side effects such as blindness. Cataracts are another eye disease that can be detected early during exams.

4. Corrective eye surgery puts you at a higher risk for retinal detachment

Once your eyes are fixed, you may think it all stops there, but these procedures are not full proof. The chances of you getting retinal detachment increases after the surgery, and you want to get a diagnosis as early as possible to save your vision. You also have a much higher risk for developing myopia (nearsightedness) more first than people without any eye issues.

5. You're getting older

Proper nutrition is vital for maintaining the health of your eyes, which lose essential nutrients as you get older. Lutein and zeaxanthin are two powerful antioxidants our eyes need, but our bodies can't produce them on their own. A visit to the doctor can help get your current bodies state, and from there, you can work out the correct diet to improve your eyesight.

6. Give your kids a headstart

It would help if you had check-ups on kids as young as six months old, say experts. A pediatric optometrist or ophthalmologist can also diagnose and correct conditions that can happen like congenital cataracts or a "lazy eye."

7. You can save the costs of treating full-blown eye problems

Most eye problems start small, but they escalate with time into full-blown vision problems. By the time you cannot see, the damage will already be extensive. Some of the small sight problems require just medication. You can correct some of them through glasses. Problems with glare, shortsightedness or farsightedness require medical grade-optical glasses. If you ignore them, they will need surgery or other complicated medical procedures such as laser treatment.

8. You can increase productivity

When you always have to deal with eye problems, you will not be productive. Visiting a doctor can help you change that situation. You can deal with your eye problems before they affect your work and productivity. The petty issues should not affect your ability to enjoy life.

9. You can know how to take care of your eyes

Most people don't know how to use computers and smartphones safely or take enough breaks from the screen. They are at risk of eye problems caused by improper gadget usage. Visiting an optometrist helps you understand your eye status. The doctor will advise you on how to take care of your vision and ensure you improve the lifespan of your eyes.


You should do your research before visiting an eye specialist as some may not be trained on specific eye issues. Visiting a professional eye specialist will ensure that none of the eye issues escalates while the doctor will help you enjoy your eyesight or treat serious problems. Be sure to check the online reviews of all practitioners or ask for referrals should be unsure of their tests or opinions.

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