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How To Drink Champagne The Right Way

16 May 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Meghan Lewis in Extravaganza

How to drink champagne properly

In every celebration, either formal or informal, the event would be lacking without good champagne to share and drink with the guests. There are many ways to accompany a wonderful party with the best champagne, as well as preparing the right factors in drinking it. One could not just open a bottle of champagne and drink it, he/she must be aware of the factors that could turn a dull party to a wonderful one, with the right champagne.


The perfect glass to use champagne with is with a white wine glass. With the white wine glass' wide bowl, the champagne could better open up its aromas for the person to better enjoy the complexity of the drink.

On the other hand, the traditional champagne flutes could showcase the stream of bubbles of champagne, but otherwise, restrict the opening of the drink, not letting out all of the aromas the champagne could give. Coupe glasses do the opposite though, with their extra-large mouth, the stream of bubbles can freely flow thus letting the aromas escape to be experienced by the drinker.


The best way to open (2013) Marie Courtin Resonance Extra Brut Champagne is to keep the cage on. The cage controls the cork so when opening the bottle, the cork doesn't fly out. The cage also helps you handle the cork better once it is separated from the bottle.

The process would be best to be handled upon opening is holding the top of the cage with your thumb to avoid letting go of the cork, after that, you can twist the wire six times to remove the cork. While holding the cage and the bottle with your other hand, slowly twist your way around the cork. Then, twist the bottle itself for you to have more control of the cork.


Usually, champagnes are fine when you store it in the fridge, but when you plan to consume it within the week, it’s best to just store it in the fridge in about 3-days after you buy it. Do not let it sit in the fridge for a week. As there is no humidity in the fridge, the cork would lose its moisture, letting the seal from the cork and the bottle loose and make the champagne oxidize faster. When this happens, the aroma and the taste of the champagne would change and would be regretfully undesirable.


Upon opening, the best way to store it is to fill a bucket with one-third water and ice then let the bottle chill around 15-20 minutes.


When pouring the drink, only fill up one-third of the glass. Be aware that over-pouring the glass would make the champagne warm up immediately.

Holding the Glass

A reminder to hold the stem of the glass, always. Holding the bowl instead of the stem will also warm up the champagne quickly, because of the heat that comes out of your hands. And by the way, have I mentioned that it’ll make you more elegant and refined when you hold the stem?


Using a stopper will help you preserve the bubbles of the champagne. Remember that the bubbles of the champagne carry the aroma the drink gives. Also, the stopper will keep your champagne fresh for about a day, just in case you don't finish your champagne in one sitting.

Dinner with Champagne

Usually, people drink champagne for aperitif but that’s not actually the only way to drink champagne. Keep it in mind that you could also enjoy it as you consume your dinner. Champagne can be paired with a lot of food, including but exclusively, meat, fish, risotto and grilled vegetable. Champagne can actually bring out more flavours from any food it is paired with.

Do not be scared of experimenting with food with champagne. Always keep in mind that champagne can be paired with almost any kind of food so a little experiment could never hurt. Usually, though, champagne is best paired with oily and salty foods. Fatty food could also be paired since they complement the champagne, bringing out its flavours and aroma.


Champagne is a drink any party or event should have. It is the best drink when celebrating something important or a milestone in your life. With the capability to be paired with any food and bringing out their flavours and aroma, you would certainly never worry about having the worst pairing of champagne ever. With this in mind, there are still ways and factors that could lead you to have a successful event.

Using the instructions above, you can make sure that your event would be a wonderful party. Champagne is truly a wonderful drink that makes a dull party to a magnificent one.

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Meghan Lewis is a full-time blogger and writer. She is also a health enthusiast who focuses more on creating contents about health, fitness, and lifestyle. In her free time, she reads articles about the latest health tips so she can incorporate fresh ideas in her writing.

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