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Facebook To Block Ads From Businesses With Poor Reviews

Facebook ads were always seen as an easy way to get traction on the platform as well as getting pretty affordable traffic pushed to your site when compared to other paid sources. As the Facebook Ad platform continues to mature real estate becomes more competitive and eats into the affordability and attractiveness for advertisers.

While it needs to keep the content to ad ratio for consumers at a minimum in order to reduce ad fatigue. Facebook faces a balancing act of note trying to keep both ends of the spectrum hooked into their ecosystem and it’s why raising the barrier to entry for ads has become very important.

You’re Facebook Reputation Will Affect Your Ads

Facebook has implemented a new feedback system which may result in businesses being banned from advertising if they cannot maintain an acceptable level of customer satisfaction. Once you dip below a certain level your ads will automatically be blocked from the platform.

How Facebook will collect feedback

Customers can now send feedback directly to Facebook about their experiences with businesses. A short one-tap survey will be available after a user completes a purchase that was initiated through a Facebook ad.

Users can rate their experience with a sad face, a neutral face, or a happy face. A questionnaire will then appear so the user can provide more information.

Facebook business review

An example of how Facebook will be requesting feedback from consumers

Access to feedback

At this initial stage, feedback will be shared with businesses only if they receive a large volume of negative feedback. Facebook will then give the business a grace period and chance to improve their reviews before taking further action.

If feedback does not improve, Facebook will reduce the amount of ads the business can run. “This can continue to the point of banning the advertiser,”

Why the need for a new FEEDBACK loop

This feedback system is being introduced due to frustrations customers have after purchasing things from Facebook advertisers.

“We spoke with people who have purchased things from Facebook advertisers, and the two biggest frustrations we heard were that people don’t like ads that quote inaccurate shipping times or that misrepresent products. We’re taking steps to try and identify these and other common frustrations with a new tool launching globally today.“

Facebook’s previous community standards and ad policies only applied to users’ experiences on the platform itself. There were no policies in place for bad shopping experiences that occurred off-site, such as clicking an ad to an online retailer’s site or app to make a purchase.

For the most part, it sounds like businesses should not run into problems as long as their ads are not misleading to customers.

customer satisfaction matters

Using Facebook advertising is now no longer simply about blasting your message out to a large audience and hoping to make a quick buck and with this feedback loop, Facebook will be able to create custom reach profiles for businesses who they feel provide a quality service.

Essentially limiting access to their platform for transgressors and asking them to pay a premium will help reduce spam and have businesses and marketers thinking twice about pumping out click bait or low-quality ads.

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