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How To Maintain Your Dog’s Oral Hygiene At Home

14 March 2024 | 0 comments | Posted by James Uba in Fur, Fins & Feathers

Tips to maintain your dogs oral health

We are all familiar with the importance of dental hygiene, and some of us have felt the result of neglecting ours. However, the same care is not often given to the furrier members of the family. Dogs are animals; why would they need to deal with all this maintenance when they could live out in the wild?

Sure, that may have been true for some breeds, but the modern dog doesn't face the same harsh realities as wild dogs do; they have to deal with the trappings of modern comforts that we provide.

A dog's teeth need to be attended to more frequently than we usually think. The furry animals can be subjected to smelly breath and tartar build-ups on their teeth.

Being pet parents, you should make sure to take them to the vet for regular check-ups and get their teeth cleaned. Alternatively, you can also clean their teeth at home to maintain their oral hygiene all year round.

If you are determined to have a hands-on approach to your dog, we have come up with a few tips for you to clean your pooch's teeth easily at home.

Importance of cleaning your dog's teeth

Dogs can develop a range of dental issues if their teeth are not cleaned and taken care of. According to studies, dogs can suffer from various dental disorders like Gum Disease, Gingivitis and Endodontic Disease if their oral hygiene is not maintained.

Therefore, as a pet owner, you should regularly clean your pal's teeth to keep them away from diseases and other common dental problems.

How to clean your dog's teeth at home?

Brushing your dog's teeth removes plaque and prevents tartar. However, the process doesn't help in removing tartar. If your dog has tartar build-up, you will need to take it to a vet for dental scaling. Once the tartar build-up has been removed, brushing will prevent further build-up.

Incorporate the use of necessary dental care supplies

In order to effectively clean your pooch's teeth at home, you will need to invest in some good quality teeth cleaning products for dogs. You can consider purchasing a Pet Dent Finger Brush or Pet Dent Toothbrush and Pet Dent Oral Gel. They are specially designed for canines and will help you clean their teeth efficiently.

Get them accustomed to a toothbrush

Your dog might be alien to a toothbrush and get uncomfortable when you try to insert it into their mouth. Therefore, it is important that you help them get used to the cleaning tool. Letting them sniff and lick the toothbrush before starting to clean their teeth will smoothen the cleaning process.

Introduce toothpaste

Just like a toothbrush, you will also need to first introduce toothpaste to your furry friend. Thankfully, dog toothpastes mimic the tastes of poultry and beef, which dogs generally love.

You can begin by letting your dog taste the toothpaste. If you find them licking it happily, you can slowly begin to brush their teeth with the paste.

Other dental care options

Some dogs are just not going to unclench and let you have free reign at their mouths, and that's just a reality you'll have to face through trial and error.

If your dog is not comfortable with toothbrush and toothpaste, you can start by using alternative options such as oral rinse to maintain their oral hygiene.

You can go for Pet Dent Fresh Breath Oral Rinse or Orovet Oral Rinse. These products efficiently control tartar formation and reduce bad breath.

Choose a convenient location

It is important to make your dog comfortable for a seamless dental cleaning. Choosing a comfortable location will help in relaxing and calming them down. Whether it's on the floor, on their bed or in your lap, make sure your pooch is calm and stress-free during the cleaning process.

The less they put up a fight, the easier the process becomes to get through and repeat in future attempts; when your pet figures that you're only there to give them care, they're way more receptive to the treatments.

Wrapping up dental day

Now that you know the benefits of cleaning your pooch's teeth and the tips to execute it, it's high time that you kick-start the process. If you are looking for good quality dental care products, check out pet retailers in your area and choose from a wide range of dental supplies at discounted prices.

About the author

James Uba is an animal lover and proud pet parent to two dogs and three cats. His passion for animal wellness shines through his informative blog posts, which offer pet health tips and advice.

James also lends his expertise as a seasonal writer for Budget Pet Supplies, a top-rated online shop for vet supplies at South Africa, ensuring pet owners have access to high-quality products for their furry friends.

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