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7 Interesting Facts About Horses Behaviour

Facts about horses behaviour

Horses are mysterious creatures. In fact, they have been associated with fairy tales and mythologies for a long time. It’s difficult to understand a horse’s language and behaviour. Without a doubt, understanding equine behaviour can help horse owners. They are very expressive creatures; you just must understand their language to infer what they are trying to convey.

It is important to establish effective communication with horses so that they feel safe and they can trust you. With natural selection over the years, horses have evolved to have certain behavioural qualities unique to them. Shortly after their birth, horses can move and eat.

Hence, their senses and functions as a foal mature much faster than other mammals. It is important to support, socialize and imprint with foals at an early stage to create a stronger bond. Here are 7 interesting facts about horse behaviour that you might have missed out on:

1. Body Language

Horses can’t convey their emotions like humans through words. They could be conveying a lot of things, like if their ears are ears are flopped down and there is a hint of fear in their eyes, they can get aggressive.

2. Fight or flight response

It’s very natural for a horse to turn to fight or flight response at any sign of threat. Horses are not equipped with a dangerous feature like horns or teeth, they defend themselves with their hind legs as well as their ability to run. Horses don’t have complete vision to their backs, so at any sign of threat behind them, they tend to kick back and run.

Their reaction time is very fast; hence they respond fast. This response has developed to save themselves from predators and not be easy prey to other animals. However, it can prove to be dangerous for humans around them. They can end up sprinting away or kicking you, which can lead to bad and harmful injuries. Thus, you must make sure the horse trusts you and is comfortable around you first.

3. Fast Learners

Believe it or not, horses are fast learners. Thus, training them is easier and most efficient. They will remember the tracks well and assist you in the tricks you are trying to teach them.

4. Memory

Horses have a very powerful memory. They will remember their humans and their training forever. They are very disciplined animals and get used to the routine made for them. They adjust easily in stables and horse trailer too.

5. Senses

Horses are very perceptive animals; hence they are very sensitive. They have an excellent sense of smell and hearing. They can prove to be very good guard animals and can instantly detect a change in their environment. Their eyesight is excellent as well. They especially have great night vision!

6. Friendly

Horses are as loyal and loving as dogs. They are playful animals and easily get desensitized to new people in their surroundings who care for them. They gradually learn that the new stimulus is not frightening or threatening and hence they don’t use their flight or fight response around their owners.

7. Discipline

Horses are highly disciplined animals. They follow the schedules that they are trained for and are very active. They don’t believe their owners to be the dominant figures but a kind of a boss whom they follow. A few rounds with the horse will assert a bit of moment in them, after which it is easier to train them. Thus, these are some peculiar behavioural traits associated with horses. These majestic beings deserve love and they will return it without a doubt.

About the author

Lisa Allen works at Cheval Trailers as a community manager. Cheval Liberté trailers have been designed and developed to provide high levels of comfort and safety for the horses being transported, easy towing and handling qualities for the trailer users since 1995. Cheval Liberté trailers is a leading manufacturer of horse trailers, single and double horse trailers across the UK and Ireland.

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