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How Blockchain And AI Are Starting To Combine Forces

06 May 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Geek Chic

Blockchain and AI combined projects

If there are two technological buzzwords that have really started to take over the chatter online then its blockchain and artificial intelligence or AI. These two revolutionary concepts are being pegged as the pillars that bring about a new age of internet an internet 3.0 if you will. AI, blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) is touted as the most disruptive technologies of late, but we have yet to see real wide-scale applications at this infantile stage of development. 

The use cases for AI are endless, and with blockchain as a dominant data provider, those banking on the technology see that these algorithms as a potent enhancer of life in general with high-value generation possibilities.

Blockchain and AI are combining in various ways

While many of the AI and blockchain projects have been built in isolation of one another as using new innovative technologies will come with its own obstacles there are a few brave companies looking to integrate both concepts into their product. It would only be a matter of time before blockchain and AI would overlap and in the fully realised version of web 3.0, we should see them work together on a regular basis. As for now, there are a few projects already leveraging blockchain and AI for various solutions to current problems.

To give you an idea of how these two technologies are combined at the moment. We'll take a look at projects currently looking to overlap both blockchain and AI in various methods or industries. 

1. Blockchains AI and Trading


Auton.io is a decentralized, AI-driven trading bot that permits high- frequency crypto merchants to set up trading algorithms. The AI programming screens the crypto markets and makes programmed exchanges dependent on conditions characterised by the client.


AiX is focusing on the utilization of AI and blockchain to supplant one of the middle person jobs in the mind boggling field of conventional trading– the Inter-merchant dealer (IDB).


One of the most popular use cases for cryptocurrency at the moment is day trading, and with the introduction of STO's and regulation in the industry, it won't be long before other traditional financial assets are tokenised for trading.

Daneel will assist day-traders by providing advice with cryptocurrency markets. It leverages the IBM Watson technology, which is widely considered one of the most efficient AI platforms on the market right now.

Daneel’s AI helps provide the most critical data for traders by providing them with market info and rates, cryptocurrency news, upcoming and trending ICO’s and can compute confidence scores and emotions — which are often rampant in the cryptocurrency market.

2. Blockchains for AI algorithms


SingularityNET is a conveyed AI platform on the Ethereum blockchain, with each blockchain node backing up an AI algorithm. SingularityNET is a decentralized AI marketplace that allows any tech startup to create and monetize AI services at scale.

Intuition Fabric

The objective of Intuition Fabric is to democratize access to AI through a system of deep learning models that are put away on the interplanetary record system and go through the Ethereum blockchain.


Cerebrum is a decentralized platform for publicly supported machine learning. Cerebrum empowers anybody to encode their data and host machine learning competitions to use publicly supported machine learning models.


OpenMined is a network centred around building open-source innovation for the decentralized responsibility data and intelligence. Using OpenMined, AI can be prepared on data that it never approaches.


Effect.ai is a blockchain-fueled, decentralized platform for Artificial Intelligence advancement and AI related services.


Decentralized AI workforce and administrations commercial center.

Decentralized Machine Learning

DML means to make a blockchain-based decentralized machine learning convention and environment.

Raven Protocol

Raven Protocol is a decentralized and distributed deep-learning protocol.

Thought Network

Thought’s blockchain-empowered Fabric in a general sense changes applications by installing artificial intelligence into all of the information making it agile, noteworthy and innately secure.


MATRIX is a platform which joins blockchain and AI to empower the acknowledgement of the Intelligent Blockchain.

Pandora Boxchain

A commercial centre for AI kernels, computations and big data controlled by Proof of Cognitive Work (PoCW).


Fitchain is a blockchain-based machine learning industrial facility that enables data researchers to prepare models, tracing them from inception and all through their lifetime.

3. Blockchains Chatbot and Conversation AI

Talla is a company giving AI-controlled chatbots and learning bases for use in back-office functions like IT. The organization has seen the capability of blockchain to open the “black box” of AI basic leadership and all things considered is creating Botchain.


Botchain is an Ethereum-based platform that permits audibility of bot-based discussions. Decentralization also creates the opportunity for different chatbots to collaborate. Collaboration serves to enhance the core Talla offering of knowledge bases, as bots can share intelligence gathered from various interactions with people.


Indorse is another precedent. The organization is making a blockchain platform that means to decentralize the abilities economy. Think LinkedIn, on the blockchain. Members can expand their notoriety score and gain tokens by adding their skills and projects and embracing those of others.

4. Blockchains for AI in medicine


doc.ai plans to decentralise the precision drug on the blockchain by utilizing AI.


Healthcare data commercial centre.

5. Blockchains for data

Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is a decentralized data trade convention that gives individuals a chance to share and adapt information while ensuring control, transparency and consistency to all performing artists included. Its system handles putting away of the metadata connections to the information itself, and that’s just the beginning.

Starmine AI

Starmine is a robust and highly adaptable platform for building, trading and exchanging advanced algorithmically produced on- request datasets for machine learning and artificial intelligence endeavours.

Trane AI

A decentralized economy for labelling, storing away and modelling data for AI-training.


Synthetic datasets generation and algorithm preparing platform.


A decentralized AI data sharing network that utilizes a consensus-based application platform to permit AI projects to assemble training data.


A decentralized data commercial centre for artificial intelligence applications.

6. Blockchain AI for Predictions


Endor has its own chain and looks to leverage AI and crowdsourced data to built predictive models ideal for answering users long tail questions and returning highly relevant results and even predictions. 


Senno is based on the NEO blockchain but has the same vision as Endor. To empower clients to ask any predictive question and find an exact solution based on crowd wisdom. 

7. Blockchains AI in supply chain


Namahe is a platform that intends to convey efficiency to supply chain network businesses by fusing an A.I. layer.

8. Blockchains and AI in finance


Numerai is a support stock investment controlled by a network of anonymous data researchers that build machine learning models to work on encrypted data and stake digital currency to express trust in their models.

Napoleon X

Napoleon X is an open online PC driven resource management platform choosing quantitative systems ( trading bots) from world-class traders, where each crypto- fund dedicated to a particular Asset Class.


Cindicator is a publicly supported forecast motor for money related and crypto pointers.

9. Blockchains for computation


Open source, shared AI supercomputing fueled by blockchain.


TrueBit provides Ethereum smart contracts a computational boost.

DeepBrain Chain

A decentralized AI computing platform that provisions processing capacity to organizations hoping to create A.I. technologies. Essentially, this blockchain application is a computing platform created to support the creation of AI algorithms.

The barriers of entry to the AI industry are high due to the high cost of making AI computations, and the team behind the DeepBrain Chain platform aspire to lower the cost of these computations by as much as possible.


AICoin is a platform enabling its users to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies in a way that generates profit for the involved parties.


The Peculium project is a blockchain-based platform aimed at encouraging individuals to save their assets. Peculium achieves this by combining conventional savings with cryptocurrencies.

Matrix AI Network

Matrix is an open-source blockchain-powered platform that will support the use of smart contracts and machine learning solutions.

The platform’s infrastructure was developed and based on AI systems, and the technology will be used for the platform’s continuous improvement by independently auto-optimizing its blockchain networks.

10. Blockchain AI for advertising


AdHive (ADH) is a matchmaking service for advertisers to redistribute funds and marketing messaging via relevant influencers.

An advertiser launches a campaign and allocates funds for this advertising campaign. AdHive can then automatically find influencers relevant to the advertising campaign. Influencers then publish the content expected by the advertising company.

To validate proof of work and honour the Smart contract requirements the AdHive AI can recognise the ad message in speech or video content and immediately effects a payment towards the influencers, hence streamlining the entire process.

11. Blockchain AI for dating


DateCoin is a bit of a weird pick but hold on, I will explain shortly. Datecoin is similar to Civic in a way that it focuses identification. However, it is specially designed for the online dating market.

DateCoin aims to eliminate the issue of catfishing, bot accounts and fake profiles. DateCoin (DTC) uses AI combined with neural networks to enhance user identification and verification. 

12. Blockchain AI for content and social media


Steev.app is built and run on top of the STEEM blockchain and provides a more advanced front end allowing users to engage with AI curated content that will match their specific criteria or preferences a user may have. This makes it easier for users to find more relevant content and improve engagement rates between various contributors to the STEEm blockchain.

Top blockchain AI projects

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed by all the projects listed above and you're not sure which ones you should be focusing on then take a look at the infographic our friends at LiveTiles put together on the most promising AI blockchain projects of 2019. 

blockchain and AI projects

LiveTiles Blockchain and AI Infographic

Tell us your blockchain or AI story

Have you started using blockchain applications of late? Do you think they will solve current personal and enterprize issues with the combination of AI? Let us know in the comments below.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice and is for educational purposes only. As of the time posting the writers may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency as all investments contain risk.

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