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How To Set Up An Email Address With Your Ethereum Wallet

04 April 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Geek Chic

Ethereum email platforms

Ethereum has been the worlds second most popular blockchain due to its ability to run smart contracts, which provides a host of on-chain applications. Ethereum is not only used to send its native asset Ether around to different wallets, but it can be used to create ERC-20 tokens that can be used in decentralised applications, or you can create Non-Fungible tokens with its ERC-721 standard.

While these concepts may sound foreign to the average user, it allows developers to take concepts that were traditionally handled by centralised databases and move them onto a blockchain. The problem with moving things onto a blockchain, however, is that things are done on a permissionless basis, no one is monitoring what is going on, yes you can view things on the blockchain explorer, but no central party keeps track of your specific transactions.

Communicating on Ethereum

This disconnect means that a lot of transactions can be lost because they are not accompanied by communication. We are seeing improvements in the UI, with wallets now connecting email and push notifications to blockchain transactions but not all UI's are the same, and some may not want to use those front ends for personal reasons.

Another option for peer to peer transfers is to set up an email account based on your unique Ethereum address. Yes, that's correct. You can now connect your current Ethereum wallet to an email client to send and receive emails via that address.

What is ETHMail?

ETHMail is an email hosting provider and email client service. It provides mailboxes for all people, anyone who has an Ethereum wallet. The application was developed due to the need to leave messages for people who we don't know anything about except for their Ethereum address. This allows for effective communication to accompany financial transactions on the Etheurem blockchain or for pseudo-anonymous communication.

If you're sharing your public key on the internet for payments, it makes sense that this same public key should be used for communication, especially for businesses accepting payments in Ethereum.

It removes many layers of complication in a system that desperately needs to be made simple if eCommerce or rather dCommerce is to catch on in the Ethereum network.

How can I start using ETHMail?

It depends: Do you want to send a message to someone or check if anyone left a message for you?

If you want to view any emails you've received, you can log in using your Ethereum wallet at web.ethmail.cc.

Authenticate your mailbox with your Ethereum wallets, such as Metamask or MyEthere wallet, and you should be connected to your mailbox automatically.

Once you're logged in, you should be taken to a web client email interface to check or compose emails.

How to send an email to an Ethereum address?

You can head over to your favourite email client such as Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail/ or any private email account and send a standard email to

  • [ETH address]@ethmail.cc


  • 0x6Be450972b30891B16c8588DcBc10c8c2aEf04da@ethmail.cc

Supported email addresses

  • [ETH address]@ethmail.cc
  • [ENS name]@ethmail.cc
  • [UnstoppableDomain]@unstoppable.email

How to run Ethereum emails from a standard email application?

Let's face it; it's 2021; no one has time to be checking emails on another web interface; we combine our email management either on our phones or desktop devices like Outlook.

You can access your mailbox on any device with classic email applications, but you will need to jump through a few hoops first.

First, you need to generate an access key.

  • To do this, go to https://auth.cryptoverse.cc/keys and log in using your Ethereum Wallet.
  • Generate a new key by giving it a name and signing a message with your private key.
  • Copy the key to your clipboard

Second, you need to set up your application to access the ETHMail server.

Set incoming (IMAP) server settings

  • username: 0xYourEtheremAddress
  • password: the-key-you-generated-in-first-part
  • server: ethmail.cc
  • port: 143
  • security: STARTTLS

Set outgoing (SMTP) server settings

  • username: 0xYourEtheremAddress
  • password: the-key-you-generated-in-first-part
  • server: ethmail.cc
  • port: 587
  • security: STARTTLS
  • Save settings.

Once that's done, you should be able to send and receive emails via your Ethereum wallet address using your prefered mailbox.

Combining your email and your domain

Having an email address with a long string of text called your public key may not be everyone's cup of tea. Non-crypto users will want to use those tried and tested human-readable addresses, which you can set up with the help of NFT's.

You can purchase a human-readable domain via apps like Ethereum naming service or UnstoppableDomains. These sites allow you to purchase an NFT token minted on Ethereum that gives you access to a .crypto TLD domain.

Once you've purchased your .crypto domain, it will be attached to your Ethereum wallet as an NFT. Then you can send emails to [domainname. crypto]@unstoppable.email, and the mail will be routed to the mailbox of the owner of a given domain.

Contact us

If you're having trouble getting started with purchasing the right crypto domain or setting up your ETH email, then feel free to contact us, and let's see how we can help you get a domain to get started.

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Recommended reading

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