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How to Monetise A F2P Mobile Racing Game

04 February 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by John Salazar in Geek Chic

earning cash from your mobile racing game

It's one thing to develop a racing game, but it's a whole other story if we want to monetize your IP. A lot of people and gamers seem a bit off with the idea of monetization, but it's a business practise that's helped franchises and top IPs continue to provide services through their games. If franchises like World of Warcraft can do it, why can't we?

Well, a considerable part of this has to do with how exactly we approach the matter of monetization. And thankfully, for a F2P racing game, there are a ton of ways for you to achieve this without cheating on your players. After all, it's through monetization methods that franchises and IPs are able to update and provide convenient services and features for players continuously.

Here are some of these methods:

Release a subscription

Release a subscription system that lets premium players receive and avail various premium features. One of the most efficient ways you can implement a premium system to monetize a game is to release a subscription system for your F2P driving games. This allows players to purchase a subscription and become a special "member" of the game for a limited time. Alongside these special features can be unique options and privileges that only premium members can have.

Create subscription packages

Instead of worrying about putting a price tag on your premium content, you can release a system that allows players to pick subscription options. For instance, you can offer monthly, quarterly, and even yearly subscription options to players. These make it very flexible for players to try out your products and services, without them having to worry if they've spent too much or too little with their subscription.

Have a freemium model

When you do release this kind of system, don't neglect your free players! Don't just release premium content after premium content. Make sure there's an adequate balance between your free content and your premium content, especially for your players. If you have offerings for subscription-based players, make sure you still provide things for your free players as well.

Create cosmetic upgrades

Focus on cosmetic improvements for vehicles, tracks. When you think of monetizing your racing game, don't hold your basic features hostage as that's a surefire way to lose players. Instead, add cosmetic features that players may want to spend for and see value in buying. Some great examples of these are car customization features, exclusive vehicles, and even track customization features. Don't turn the game into a pay-to-win experience as this will make you lose free players fast. Instead, use cosmetics to motivate players to buy better-looking gear.

Use cosmetics to encourage subscription purchases

Cosmetics can pose a massive advantage to your racing game, given there are a ton of customization options available for vehicles and even tracks. Take advantage of this by releasing awesome-looking free content and increase the number of awesome-looking premium content for players willing to pay. This gives premium players an advantage over cosmetics, but still shows free players they're not being cheated on by the gamification.

Have exclusive content

Give exclusive vehicle designs a shot. Aside from car cosmetics, you can also release exclusive car designs or car "looks" for premium players. These can be in the form of car design "sets" premium players can purchase and transform their vehicle into awesome-looking vehicles.

Add additional premium features

Have premium options that let premium players customize track appearances as well. If you don't want players editing track layouts, you can have players add their aesthetic flavour to tracks by providing decorations they can put in their favourite tracks and have it as the main appearance of these tracks whenever they play.

Create time limit paywalls

Develop limited-time game modes and features that premium players can access indefinitely. Aside from your usual sprint, circuit, and time attack modes, you can develop wacky and fun game modes that you can make available for a limited time before rotating with other new features. You can also release non-game breaking features that players can love but are only available for a limited duration.

The catch here is that premium players can get these features for free. That way, you still give players the chance to experience fun features of your game, but only premium players can experience them indefinitely.

Release new modes regularly

New modes like tournament modes or even round robins can also be introduced to spice things up. Premium players can form "crews" and go on tournaments for exclusive prizes. Free players can be invited now and then, but this can be a premium feature with matches teased and advertised for increased exposure.

Sell in-game improvements

Likewise, you can release limited extra customization features to add additional challenges and hazards for all players in tracks that can only be accessed permanently by premium players.

Tease the subscription

Tease premium features with trials, giveaways. If there's anything you shouldn't do to players in monetizing your game, it's to leave them out of the process. When you're growing a steady amount of premium features - such as tracks, cars, and even cosmetic items - don't forget to give free players a chance to try these out as well. You can use things like raffles, promos, and discount items to ensure free players have a chance to try out premium features for themselves.

Think of it as a free taste of a new product - only this time, you're using your premium features.

Release a lottery system

Make use of lottery systems not just to randomize loot, but to allow free players to try out your new premium items. Trial cards and coupons can be an option to let players try out cosmetic items, new cars, and new tracks for a limited time.

Give players the change to earn premium items too

Be generous and give players some opportunities to earn premium items for free. Some games have various "quests" and conditions for free players to earn permanent premium items, which can be a great way to let them experience the luxurious benefits of your paid items and even encourage them to purchase them in the future.

Make Money With F2P: This Time Its Racing

If there's anything the above would share, it's that it's entirely possible to make money with a F2P mobile racing game. A lot of current methods exist that we can adopt into making our F2P model profitable from the perspective of a racing game.

The only tricky part here is to entice and encourage players to not just play the game, but see the point in investing their money in your IP. Hopefully, the above tips have raised the chances of your being successful in this regard.

If you have more suggestions, share them in the comments!

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