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Apps Movie Buffs Need To Get Quick Access To Movie Reviews

11 March 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Geek Chic

Smartphone apps for movie reviews

The modern world requires you to have a particular set of skills, skills that make you a nightmare for movie producers and actors all around the globe. Finding and watching movies and TV series that you enjoy used to be a simple task but with all the options we now have available we often spend our time watching duds or miss out on great tiles because they didn't do a good job marketing them.

Movies and TV series still live and die by word of mouth and, I'm pretty sure getting referrals from friends and family is still one of the most popular ways to discover new content. The internet, however, has begun to change that and finding information on movies or TV series plots, critic or user reviews and even trailers have become so much easier. 

There are many ways to find out about movies or shows by merely using Google or YouTube, but you navigate this at your own risk of being hit with significant spoilers or one-sided, biased reviews. Fortunately, with smartphones, there is a solution to everything. You can now make use of some apps help you manage and keep track of your personal movie watching experience and access information about shows or movies you may like to watch.

So for all your movie buffs and series lovers out there, get these six apps on your phone as soon as possible and start finding the right show or movie to suit your tastes and avoid wasting time on the next "Sharknado".

1. IMDB (Internet Movie Database)

Just as the website the IMDb’s app is the primary go-to for most users looking to discover new movies, as well as all sorts of news and information from the entertainment industry. If you download any of the apps on this list, then IMDB should be chosen first, yes there are a few bot reviews and paid reviews that tend to skew ratings but the wealth of information you can quickly access and the rabbit holes it can lead you on is well worth keeping this app on your phone.

IMBD is available on IOS and Android

2. IGN

IGN is your #1 source for video game news and reviews. A must-have app for gamers, movie buffs, and comic fans. The app gives you fast and easy access to the latest news about your favourite video games, movies, and TV shows.

IGN is available on IOS and Android 

3. Flixster

Although IMDb has its movie ratings and reviews, movie lovers still turn to Rotten Tomatoes for reassurance and a second opinion while others prefer it to IMDB. If you're more of an RT fan, then Flixster will be your preferred app.

Flixster is available on IOS and Android 

4. CineBee

CineBee is more of a social hub for all movie lovers to share and engage with one another. You can get access to crowd-sourced movie reviews and ratings, critic reviews, upcoming film trailers, new film releases and suggestions based on your taste.

CineBee is available on IOS and Android 

5. Movie Mate

Movie Mate is one of the most complete movie apps out there for those lazy people looking for a quick opinion about a movie. It displays movie ratings from all the major sources: Trakt. Tv, TMDb, Rotten Tomatoes (critics and users), IMDb and Metacritic and allows you to compare sources easily.

Movie Mate is available on Android 

6. Fandango

Fandango shows Rotten Tomatoes reviews when you browse your movies.  While you can also watch trailers, browse movie photos, and enjoy interviews with your favourite actors on the app.

Fandango is available on IOS and Android 

Tell us your movie story

Do you always check reviews and ratings before picking a movie or TV series to watch? Let us know in the comments

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