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7 Tips to Protect Gardens During Hot Weather

Protect gardens in hot weather

Summer is the time when gardens need more care and attention than any other time of the year. As the warmth in the environments increases, plants, shrubs and lawn grass need more water to stay green. Moreover, the growth is more in summer months, and some plants need pruning to keep them in shape. In addition to watering and pruning of plants, the lawn grasses also need trimming as they grow faster in the summer season.

In simple words, lawns and gardens need more maintenance in these in the summer months. Let us check some tips to protect and maintain gardens in the hot weather.

1. Water at the right time

Plants need more water in the areas where temperatures soar above 35 degree Celsius. However, it would help if you watered your plants at the right time as watering in the sun leads to evaporation. Watering the plants after 9 in the morning makes it evaporate fast from the soil due to the sun.

Therefore, it is best to water your plants in the early morning or the evening when it stays in the soil. The plants get enough time to absorb water from the soil in the morning and evening hours.

2. Mulch keeps the soil moistened

Mulch is essential to keep the soil moist and protect the roots from the summer heat. Homeowners who live in hot locations should add some more mulch in their gardens—using well-composted mulch act as a barrier between the warm weather and the soil, thereby protecting the roots from heat. Moreover, a thick layer of mulch prevents evaporation and retains moisture in the ground.

3. Drought resistant plants

In addition to more heat-sensitive varieties, you may also want to consider drought-resistant plants to keep your garden looking safe. Herbs like marjoram, rosemary, and lavender love the heat, and in the hot summers, their flavour and scent intensify.

4. Mow the lawn once a week

During times of drought, the mowing routine will collapse once a week. Don't worry, like many last summers, if your lawn goes brown and clean, Once the rains return and lower temperatures it'll recover soon. Switch your mower blade to a higher position to ensure that your soil gets full shade from the grass stems.

Resist the urge to rake the lawn for a perfect finish as cuttings can give vital shade as well. And test the mover blades to make sure they give the grass a short, clean cut.

5. Use liquid fertilisers

Elevated temperatures reduce the ability of the soil to consume the fertilizer nutrients. Too much fertilizer can burn plants and have the opposite effect. Seek out liquid fertilizers which have increased high-temperature absorption.

6. Offer shade to your plants

Using shade coverings or have a patio umbrella for your plants. Put the transplants alongside larger plants. You may also plant your garden in a sunny area or in the yard where there is a permanent shade or provide them with partial shading that will go a long way to ensuring that the harsh heat will not kill the young plants. Plant taller shrubs around garden beds and patios to provide relief from the summer heat to plants.

7. Avoid overwatering

Overwatering can deprive the plants of nutrients from the soil and cut off the oxygen supply to the roots. Water at the base of the plant and provide concentrated watering so that roots can benefit as quickly as possible.

Homeowners should not flood the plants with too much water at once, as it can rot the roots. Watering in the morning and evening in limited quantities is better than watering heavily at once.

Final words

These are some tips to protect your garden in the summer season. Homeowners who are not sure about how to take care of their garden in hot weather can consult professionals like tree service Parramatta. Following the tips in this post can help homeowners and gardeners to maintain their gardens in the warm summer months of the year.

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