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10 Unusual Gifts For Your Loved Ones Who Love Gardening

09 August 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Sean Roberts in The Great Outdoors

Gift ideas for gardeners

If you’re reading this, you are probably looking for a gift to wow the gardener in your life. Or, at least that can make your beloved plant-lover smile. Undeniably, while jotting down ideas, the first thing that invades in your mind is “ gardening gloves” or “towels”.

But, isn’t that what you last gifted them last time? Pardon me if it isn’t, but it is blindly obvious for any plantsman to get these gifts.

Also, ask yourself how many pairs of such gloves does someone needs?  

Obviously, you need to think outside of the box to make your sweetheart truly appreciate your gift. Fortunately, we have you covered by suggesting 10 unusual gifts that will leave your plant-person in complete AWE.  

So buckle up, as you are now about to hit the wonderland of gardening gifts!

1. Custom realistic miniature Of your beloved Gardner

Let’s start with the most unusual, yet spellbind present. Get your loved one a custom miniature of them holding their favourite gardening tools. For this, you just need to have some good face photos of them and send it to the manufacturer.

They will hand sculpt and paint an 8-9” miniature model with realistic detail. Of course, this is something more than a gift - a precious memento.

Source - Custom Miniature

2. Adorable self-water drinking planter

Next, we have is something that your kiddos will love. These are none other than the tiny planters shaped like adorable animals (Pandas, Monkeys or Cats). Each of them is equipped with a long pink tongue, which automatically waters the plant when dipped in water. These are unusual yet fun gardening gifts.

Source - Self-Water Drinking Planter

3. A charming plant-mom apron for her

If the plant lover in your life is a “she”, then a charming plant mom apron is perfect for her. Wearing this, she will feel like a super mom of her baby plants and couldn’t be much happier. On the useful terms, it will help her keep her clothes clean while sowing seeds or clipping buds.

Source - Plant-Mom Apron For Her

4. Magnificent sculptures for trees

Sculptures for trees are one of the most beautiful and unique gifts for gardeners. Sculpts can be human figures or any surrealist art pieces. These artworks are way cooler than the conventional garden decorations such as gnomes and flamingos. 

Source - Sculptures For Trees

5. Endearing air plants

Air plants or Tillandsia are low maintenance plants that don't need soil, alike the accustomed. And, they also don’t require daily watering. This makes them perfect for terrariums or just anywhere in your home or workplace. Your loved ones will definitely think of you whenever they’ll have a glance at these.

Source - Air Plants or Tillandsia

6. A wonder basket full of varied flower seeds

If your avid gardener has a spark for flowers, then this wonder basket is the way to go. The apple of your eyes will love to see the fruits of their labour blossom into something mesmerizing. This is the type of gardening gift that keeps on giving.

Source - Garden Themed Basket 

7. Stylish succulent hoop planter

Wow, your plant lover with an iconic succulent hoop. Initially, it looks expensive and time-demanding. But, in fact, it’s a low-cost DIY, that will leave your honey in complete awe. P.S - It looks superbly stylish alongside the houseplants.   

Source - DIY Succulent Hoop Planter

8. A guide to keeping house plants safe And happy

This guide will guide your love with what to expect and do to make their baby plants happy and well-grown. Intrinsic of the complete care information for more than 100 variations of house plants, this is perfect to turn out the best plant parent they can ever be.

Source - Leaf Supply Guide

9. Tool seat of the gardener

This is something that is the bread and butter of their hobby. It is intended to cure the two most annoying demands of gardening- not having the tools within reach and a seat to sit. Whereas its stool saves the knees, the 22 pouches under the seat offer plenty of space for any contraption you need. Again, an unusual yet enchanting gift. 

Source - Gardener Tool Seat

10. Fancy terrariums

Last on the list is the fancy terrariums. You can find a variety of ready-made terrariums with vivid special moss and lichen. These come in unique shapes and sizes depending upon your need. Just a heads up, a tiny light bulb shaped terrarium is trending nowadays. This is among the most unique gifts for a plant lover we have ever seen. 

Source - Fancy Terrariums

To summarize...

Apparently, now you know all the options that you have. Think and go for the one that will be truly enchanting to your beloved gardener. 

About the author

Sean Roberts is a blogger at Zuma’s Cleaning which is known for providing #1 Home Cleaning Services in NYC. He began writing when he was still in college. He has written on Home Improvement, Lifestyle, Fashion, and beauty. And he is always on a lookout for something new.

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