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The Best 3 Locations for Your Next Ski Trip

16 March 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by David E. in Hit the Road

Top skiing locaitons

Skiing is one of the most popular winter sports and pastimes across the globe, with over 15 million skiers in the United States alone. It can also be a bonding activity among families and friends. Whether you have dreams of shredding or want to try a blue slope to enjoy the view as you ride. You have to try some slopes around the world at least once in your life.

Sölden, Austria

For lovers of downhill skiing, there's nothing quite like the Austrian alpine slopes, and Sölden is one of the best spots for you to visit for this. With amazing glaciers and mountainsides to bask in, plus summit eateries to enjoy a break-in, this space is consistently ranked as one of the best ski locations in the country.

Slide on some Blizzard skis and a Black Pearl 88 perfect for braving each turn, and you can make the most out of these high-altitude peaks that tower at above 3,000 meters. With a good packing of snow, skiers can ride here practically throughout the entire year and can expect it to be a little less packed than other popular spots. It has high-tech gondolas to bring skiers to the slopes and is only a quick ride away from the famous Innsbruck city.

Avoriaz, France

An excellent spot for those who only want to traverse green and blue pistes, Avoriaz sits right at the heart of one of the most significant ski zones worldwide, the Portes du Soleil. It is usually frequented by families and those looking for a casual slope or something friendly for beginners.

It contains a wide variety of slopes in its four sectors that can cater to different levels and preferences. You can explore the place and get a different experience each time you venture out. A map is available that shows which areas suit different skillsets.

It also has one of the heaviest snowfalls throughout the year in French resorts and has made considerable investments in snowmaking so that the slopes are always well-covered even when the weather is a bit warmer.

Lone Mountain Ranch, USA

Situated in Big Sky, Montana, the Lone Mountain Ranch has a multitude of ski trails perfect for those interested in cross-country and Nordic skiing. Often voted highly by group travellers and tourists, the area boasts over 85 kilometres of groomed ski trails that zoom across a stretch of beautiful woodlands and surrounding mountains.

One can also note that this is the perfect place to pick if you're looking for a secluded getaway that has a pub and farm-to-table offerings that are worth writing home for and will surely leave you satisfied.

The slopes here reach up to 2,200 feet, catering to skiers of differing levels. The perfect time to visit this is in the winter when the place is coated entirely with snow, and classic cabins filled with history are offered to visitors.

Plan your first or next ski trip to perfection

Next time you're planning to try new levels of skiing, or you're searching for the best vacation spot where you can enjoy hitting the slopes, don't miss out on these prime locations.

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