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Best Summer Destinations In The Philippines

03 February 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Angelo Castelda in Hit the Road

Summer best destinations in The Philippines

Summer plans typically consist of anything related to the beach or the waters. Well, while this is true, it’s not entirely all about the beach or swimming pools all the time. Summer plans and destinations could be going to the park, going somewhere cold to temporarily escape the sunny side of the country, go on an adventure, and so much more.

The Philippines is one of the best places to go to during the summer. The Philippines is a tropical country located in the southeastern part of Asia. With over 7,641 beautiful, scattered islands, this country has so much to offer to range from mountains to plains, islands to beaches, and so much more.

Have no idea where to spend your next summer? Why not take a look at this list with some of the best summer destinations in the Philippines? Who knows, you might want to book the next flight to Manila.

1. Vigan

Relive history in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, a World Heritage-listed city that can take you back in time.

The streets of Vigan are filled with cobblestones, beautiful ancestral homes, and horse-drawn carriages that make you want to know more about the Spanish colonization period. Vigan highly values its history; hence, the local government tries its best to preserve not only the architecture but the city’s culture and traditions as well.

The city is even more beautiful at night when the streets are lit up with vibrant water fountains and atmospheric street lamps. Historical buffs and travellers will surely fall in love in less than a second.

2. Batangas Beaches

Just a couple of hours away from Manila in the province of Batangas, popularly known for its majestic diving spots and stunning beach resorts.

If you want to cool off a bit and enjoy a weekend at the beach, then you should head on over to Batangas as there are countless beautiful beaches around the area. For one, Nasugbu beach resorts are one of the most patronized in the region, mainly because of its pristine white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Spending a day or two at the beach is always a good idea, which is why it’s an ultimately good reason to head over to the south of Manila’s most famous beaches.

3. Baguio

Dubbed as the Summer Capital of the Philippines is Baguio City, a small town in the Philippines situated high up in the mountains. Its high altitude explains the city’s year-round cold and misty weather; hence, many people tend to visit Baguio, especially during the summer.

Also known as the City of Pines, Baguio is rich in pine trees, which look like those Christmas trees families put up in their houses during the holiday season; however, the pine trees in Baguio are much larger and taller.

Although Baguio has received negative feedback lately--because of the sudden influx of tourists resulting in terrible traffic. It has undoubtedly and surprisingly maintained its charm throughout the years, which is all the more reason to visit Baguio and some of its most famous tourist destinations.

4. Tagaytay

Not a fan of long drives? Well, maybe you should try going to Tagaytay instead. This town in the province of Cavite only requires a short travel time. Only about an hour to an hour and a half of drive away from the metro, Tagaytay is the best place to be when all you want is to escape the sunny streets of Manila over the weekend.

Tagaytay is famous for its diversity in a lot of things. For one, this city has a wide range of outdoor activities you can enjoy, like playing golf, going to an amusement park, eating Tagaytay’s most famous bulalo, trekking, boat riding, horseback riding, sightseeing, and so much more.

5. Palawan

Palawan is simply heaven on earth. A hidden gem. A treasured paradise. Visiting Palawan feels like visiting beaches and islands of another country. Palawan did an incredible job of preserving its region, both flora- and fauna-wise.

This province has just the right combination of modernity and natural living, which is perfect, especially for today’s generation that loves to travel around and go to and from the region. If you think Boracay has gotten too commercialized, then Palawan is your best bet. On top of all that, you get to do a lot of amazing outdoor activities, water sports, adventures, and a whole lot more.

6. Oslob, Cebu

Cebu is yet again another famous tourist destination in the Philippines, particularly during the summer, most notably in Oslob. There’s something about summer that brings out the best in one’s adventurous side. Well, why not make the most out of it by doing something grand and spontaneous for once in your life?

The region of Oslob in Cebu has the ever-so-famous butandings or whale sharks, making their rounds just along the area of the equator in search for warmer climates and an abundance of fishes. These folks are completely harmless; hence, the local government of Oslob has made it a tourist adventure to swim with the ocean’s “gentle giants,” definitely a one-of-a-kind tour and experience for all tourists.

7. Manila

How can we ever forget the heart and soul of the Philippines? Though the city has become crowded and polluted throughout the years, Manila remains charming because of the history it holds; hence, it has kept its beauty over time.

If you want to explore more about the history of the Philippines, then you should look no further than Manila because everything is right here! Intramuros in Fort Santiago, the national museums, Rizal Park, and so much more! One day can never be enough to truly indulge in the history of the country because there are just too many establishments readily available for all the curious cats.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re seeking an adventure or want to know more about the history of a particular country or era, the Philippines has it for you. Get up and out of your daily grind for the summer by visiting the Philippines and ticking off most--if not all--of those mentioned in the list.

About the author

Angelo Castelda is a freelance writer and digital nomad who loves to travel around Asia. He finds comfort in working around the beautiful islands and beaches of the Philippines, which is where he usually draws inspiration when writing.

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