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7 House Moving Tips for Maximalists

07 August 2019 | 6 comments | Posted by Haltz Zafar in Hit the Road

A comprehensive guide to moving homes

Despite the increasing popularity of minimalist lifestyles, some individuals prefer to subscribe to the opposite notion ("more is more" as opposed to minimalism's "less is more"). These are people who enjoy surrounding themselves with beautiful things at home. They find that everything from kitschy toys to artwork, to old magazines, to all sorts of knick-knacks have a place in their home — even if they need to move to a different location.  

Naturally, having more possessions to transport means having more work that needs to be done when preparing for, as well as during and after, the whole moving process. However, it does not necessarily translate to more significant stress because, with smart solutions, the process can be organized and even quick to accomplish.  

So, if you are a maximalist (in the lifestyle/design sense) moving to a different home, don't worry. The number of possessions you own is not an issue as long as you know how to effectively and efficiently stay on top of your moving tasks.  

To get you started, here are seven helpful moving tips for maximalists.  

1. Download a moving checklist 

A checklist will cover not only all the items you need to bring, but also the moving supplies you need, the services you must hire, and even your schedule. If you want to be as organised as possible, you need a checklist to work with so you don't miss any tasks.  

If you do not wish to create one, you can visit the websites of moving companies in your area and even Pinterest. These sites can provide you with PDF files of moving checklists to download.  

2. Invest in packaging supplies 

You will need a lot of moving boxes in different sizes. Boxes are the best containers for your possessions. They stack on top of each other, which is essential if you have a lot of belongings to bring with you to your new home.  

Also, having a lot of boxes and resealable bags ready in advance for packing will make it easier for you to stay organized. Just leave these packing supplies in the different rooms of your home and put items in them every chance you get. This packing strategy can mean having fewer things to put in containers on the actual scheduled packing period for the move.  

3. Learn space-saving packing techniques

Even if you are not a fan of Japanese organising consultant Marie Kondo, you should consider learning her folding and packing techniques. The Kon-Mari folding strategy for clothes will allow you to pack more efficiently since it helps you actually fit more clothes in one box.  

Not only that, with her neat technique, unpacking is a breeze. You can take your clean clothes out of the box and place them straight into the closet in your new home.  

4. Rent a storage unit in your new neighbourhood

Why? A storage unit is an ideal place for all your valuable belongings and collections that you still need to find the perfect place for in the new home. Look for storage services in your new neighbourhood and ask the moving company to bring particular items that you won't be unpacking yet to the storage location.  

You can also use a storage unit as a decluttering solution before moving day. You can already arrange for seasonal items to be transported there days or even weeks before you move to your new home.  

5. Use Saran or cling wrap for containers that do not have a cover or lid.

You know those organizing trays for kitchen utensils, makeup, and even writing supplies? You do not have to take out the items they hold to pack them for the move.  

Just get several rolls of Saran or cling wrap and cover them with it. The cling wrap will act as a cover to prevent the contents from spilling out. It will also lend a more stable shape to the containers, so they are easy to stack in the big boxes.  

6. Video how furniture and appliances are dismantled 

This is a fool-proof strategy for correctly putting all of these big-ticket items back together. A video is so much easier to follow than a manual, and it can even document where you stored the cords, screws, and the other small pieces of hardware.  

So, put your camera phone to good use by documenting the furniture and appliance dismantling process. This way, you will have no problem assembling everything once you get to your new home.  

7. Be generous with the cushioning for fragile items 

Finally, protect all your delicate belongings using wrapping paper and bubble wrap.  Use these wrapping supplies for plates, glasses, figurines, vases, and similar items to prevent dings and even breakage during the move.  

Also, make sure that you wrap everything securely. Use tape to seal the wrapping because it's a common occurrence for items to slide out of their wrappers during unpacking. It would be a waste to bring so many things and have them break during unpacking.    

These are just seven great tips to help you organize your move and make it less stressful. Indeed, when you are moving to a new place, the primary consideration is not the volume of items to bring, but how you simplify the process with smart practices.

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