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The Advantages of Having Your Small Business Phone Number

18 November 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Vala Flynn in Industry Experts

Why you should get a business phone number

It may be tempting to disclose your phone number to clients and partners when beginning a new business to save time and money. You already have a phone number, it's simple to remember, and there are no additional costs or setup requirements.

However, there are a lot of drawbacks to using your phone number for business, and it's critical to be aware of them. Here are a few examples:

  • Inability to distinguish between personal and professional calls;
  • Moving to a new business phone number is more challenging the longer your firm is attached to your phone number.
  • Being subjected to telemarketers and robocalls;
  • Limited calling features that don't scale with the development of the company;
  • Individual privacy is jeopardized;

In the perspective of potential consumers, using your phone number appears unprofessional.

With these considerations in mind, obtaining a company phone number is one of the most crucial marketing and operational choices any business owner can make, particularly at the start.

A dedicated business line makes it easier to communicate with clients and suppliers, adds capabilities to your phone system that aren't accessible on consumer lines, and boosts your company's professionalism.

Most business owners nowadays use both their workplace and their mobile phones to communicate with their consumers. Because they don't want to mix personal and work conversations or give out their phone number, they usually get a separate mobile phone. You no longer need to give out your home or cell phone numbers, thanks to modern technologies.

What is the difference between a virtual business phone number and a regular business phone number?

Virtual phone numbers are a cutting-edge technology that is revolutionizing the way we do business. Virtual phone numbers resemble standard numbers in appearance and function, but they offer additional value and benefits. They are compatible with any device, including desk phones, home phones, personal mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers. It's simple and convenient, and it saves money for company owners.

Modern workers may work from anywhere using virtual phone numbers. Using your cell phone while keeping your number confidential, for example, has never been simpler. Several smartphone apps are available today that allow company owners to contact and text clients directly from their Business Caller ID. As your day progresses, you may also switch to your work phone or computer.

Small firms, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and remote teams may also take benefit of professional-grade capabilities that were previously only available to huge corporations. The following are characteristics of the better service providers:

  • Choose a virtual phone number that is local or toll-free, or transfer your current number.
  • Calling and texting are both unlimited.
  • Using your phone and then talking and texting from your company caller ID
  • Voicemail for business with AI-generated transcripts
  • Assign extensions to coworkers.
  • Share a single corporate phone number with team members who can use their phones as well.
  • When you're on another call, you may manage your call queue automatically.
  • Shared notes and contacts to make it easier for you and your colleagues to keep track of client interactions.
  • There is no need to purchase new equipment, and there are no obligations that bind you.

There are just a few platforms that specialize particularly in small businesses, and they all require only a few minutes to get up.

Choose a business phone number or port your existing one, tweak your business's settings, and select your business hours, and you're ready to begin. Typically, providers will provide a mobile app that allows you to add a separate business phone number to your phone.

That means you may chat and text with your company phone number rather than your phone number, keeping your information secret, and switching to other applications for personal contact as needed. When you login into your internet browser, you may call and text the same provider from your computer or laptop.

The Benefits of Having a Separate Phone Number for Your Business

There are several advantages to having a distinct business phone number. The key advantages, on the other hand, allow your business phone number to expand and evolve with your company while protecting personal anonymity.

Business and personal communications are separate.

The most obvious advantage is that your business and personal contacts are kept separate. Managing everything through a personal number will become burdensome and unworkable as your company expands.

You may be unable to efficiently manage calls and messages from your company partners, suppliers, and customers because lines will cross. Having a separate business phone number relieves you of this burden, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on what matters most: expanding your business.

Changing phone numbers as your business is growing can harm your company.

Customers and team members change throughout time, and so should your company phone number. It's not a good idea to switch from a personal phone number to a business phone number as your company expands.

This may be incredibly damaging to your business because you'll have to alter all of your business listings, business cards, websites, marketing materials, and adverts. You'll also need to notify all of your partners and clients that your phone number has changed.

A business phone number grows and scales with your business.

Personal phone numbers aren't meant to be used for business purposes. You won't be able to hire new people or give them extensions. You won't be able to establish call menu choices that allow your callers to reach the appropriate members of your team.

You won't give automatic information about your location or company hours, as you would with a professional business phone number.

You won't be able to transfer a call to a personal line if you have a team member who is better equipped to manage it. Finally, you won't be able to set business hours, which means you'll be getting calls at all hours of the day.

Maintain personal privacy

Work-life balance is a big issue these days, especially in the aftermath of the coronavirus epidemic. Understanding how to separate the two is crucial to living a good, balanced life. Giving your phone number to vendors and clients exposes you to all kinds of unwanted messages.

This might range from business calls made outside of working hours to unwanted personal approaches. When you're meant to be relaxing, don't put yourself in the position of having to deal with job difficulties.

Distinguish business calls from personal calls

Because most client calls to your company will likely come from unknown numbers, you'll never know how to respond if you don't know which calls are work-related and which are personal. Don't lose clients by answering a business call with "Hello?" or redirecting the caller to your voicemail.

Improve customer experience

For company owners and their consumers, having a business phone number enhances and simplifies the calling experience. A distinctive company phone number improves client happiness and enhances the customer experience.

It's aggravating to want to contact a company and be unable to do so for whatever reason, so having a business number makes it simple for customers and suppliers to contact you when they need to.

Callers will hear a professional pre-recorded welcome and be given call alternatives to assist them in swiftly obtaining the service they require.

Using your phone number looks unprofessional

It's critical to begin out on the proper foot if you want to grow in the long run. Having a distinct business phone number enhances your company's and brand's prominence and appeal. Your phone number is an important aspect of your business identification and a vital contact point for clients and suppliers.

Furthermore, business numbers give your company a professional appearance, and you'll never have to worry about not knowing how to welcome a caller.

It is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars to obtain a distinct business phone number. You won't need to go via your phone carrier or purchase any pricey gear or equipment.

Your virtual business numbers, unlike typical business phone systems given by large telecom providers, operate with any desk phone, home phone, laptop, and even your mobile phone.

Your service provider manages all of your back-end gear and software, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most: developing your business. The fantastic tools and technologies that make this possible should be explored by business owners searching for low-cost and easy business phone lines.

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