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5 Reasons Why Fashion Brands Introduce New logos

23 April 2019 | 1 comments | Posted by Mary Hampton in Industry Experts

Fashion brands changing logos

In the fashion industry, the logo design speaks louder than the rest. For products, all it needs is a logo to scream which brand is belong to and thus the material value. Over the years, we have come to identify brands just with their logos, whether they are in original designs, silhouettes or any other design variations.

However, for fashion brands, in particular, it is not just about what the logo says. It holds a unique place from a visual perspective and is an increasingly hyped focus for each brand and its collection. But recently, fashion logos have led to some serious discussions over the internet.

When Burberry decided to go for the Sans Serif Logo for the century-old brand, it marked a change in its history that has remained the same for the last two decades. Brands such as Balenciaga, Celine, and Calvin Klein all took steps in the same direction. When Slimane removed the “Yves” from the Yves Saint Laurent, it led to raves among the fashion community.

So why do fashion brands change their logos? Of course, it is not a quick, impulsive decision. It would have involved specific researches. But at a broader level, here are a few reasons why fashion bands introduce new logos.

1. The Inevitable Rebranding

In the last decade, there have been movements in many industries to embrace global trends and body positivity images. Rebranding is almost inevitable to showcase to the public that the way the fashion brand is perceiving their products and consumers has also changed.

With the internet, the brands had to redesign their outlook, audience and marketing strategies. Marketing through content creation is crucial, even for established brands. They are inviting guests writers to add a personal touch to the marketing, just like how Instagram influencers are trying to make the products more relatable to consumers.

Fashion brands have thus taken the next step towards boosting their online presence, and rebranding is a significant contributor of the same.

2. To Stay Relevant

Along the lines of marketing itself, creating a logo often leads to a discussion in the fashion community. This will, in turn, generate a bustle and will recharge the publicity. But how the responses go, could also affect the product. But even in that case, like in the case of Gap, the new logo would have definitely rejuvenated the public interest and create a spur in the stale publicity that the brand might have been handling with.

3. Launching New Designers

Many brands have removed the name of their founders or altered it in many ways. YSL and Balenciaga went through the same. In the case of Burberry, the typography that could easily be associated with the old English cursive. While the words: London, England” makes the association recognizable and, the new font tries to ignore the direct associations. Fashion brands are similarly trying to reduce the ways they could be associated with a particular group in order to appeal to a broader audience.

4. The Design Flexibility

Cleaner fonts, according to graphic designers is much easier to work with. It is clean and is more legible to read, make it simpler to use across many mediums and for different applications. This is one of the primary purposes of the logo changes as it offers flexibility to work with different fabrics and have the same effect on everything.

5. Expanded Product Lines

Many fashion brands are now expanding their product line to home design, jewellery, and many more. Thus to signal a new start, a new logo is definitely a great way to kick start a campaign. It shows the users that a change is coming, and at the same time. With flexible visual Identities, it is comfortable to have designs that are less complicated and works for the entire product line.

Simple designs also allow working with the brand imagery to alter it for the seasons, festivals or even different products. When a brand goes through some significant changes, a new logo will help to set new beginnings.

About the author

Mary Hampton is a professional fashion blogger and personal buyer. She has started to write her tips for stylish outfits in high school, then her hobby became a real job. Now Ms. Hampton cooperates with various publishing houses and essay writers, to get familiar with her writings visit this site right here. She specialises primarily on the fashion industry, drawing attention to up to date trends and news.

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