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10 Amazing Jobs For Older People

05 April 2019 | 40 comments | Posted by Chloe Bennet in Industry Experts

jobs for senior citizens

Chloe Bennet is a content editor by trade and works for a number of writing services. In today's post, she takes us through how the older generation can still find ways to generate income form modern jobs.

Older people often find themselves in need of that extra money as they go through their golden years. They might also need something to make their life more interesting or to support their new interests, hobbies or travelling desires. It is perfectly normal and understandable. However, finding a job is not easy for older people. That's why online work is perfect for them and their needs. It allows for complete mobility so that you can travel and don't have to commute but it pays well enough that you can live comfortably.

1. Resume Writer

One of the best jobs that you can take on is definitely resume writing. You probably have a lot of experience either reviewing or creating resumes and applying for jobs so you will probably be familiar with the basics of what a resume should contain. However, you should also freshen up your knowledge by reading more about modern resume writing online. If you are wondering where to find jobs in resume writing, you should try Resumention. It's truly a great job that you can do from home and earn a substantial additional income.

2. Virtual assistant

Working as a virtual assistant online can be a great opportunity for well-paid work that you can do remotely for just a few hours a day. Most of these jobs will require you to be familiar with email, to call people, to be able to perform a series of different tasks in various programs like Excel or Word. You should first read a bit about VA jobs and what they require you to know and then brush up on some of your skills. You can find these jobs in plenty of places online like Fiverr.

3. Academic writer

If you have any experience as a writer or if you love writing, this is one of the best jobs for you. It can be fun and educational as well. All you have to do is to apply to one of the websites like Essayroo or Professional Essay Writers. You can practice writing for a while first and then apply.

Of course, you can also practice some grammar, writing styles for different forms of essays and so on, but this will be enough to start. And if you are worried because you don’t have specific knowledge on any subject, don’t worry. You can do research online and learn and write that way.

4. Transcriptionist

This job will require quick typing so if you are not good at it or if you have any health issues that prevent you from typing quickly, it’s best that you avoid this job. What you have to do is listen to audio recordings and then type them out correctly. This can be a fun job and it can help you get a substantial income, especially because it’s well paid. However, test your skills first because they are usually looking for someone quick and accurate.

5. Editor

This is another great job for all of the writers out there. If you find yourself correcting the grammar, punctuation or style of books or papers you read, you should definitely take this job. Find opportunities on websites like Dissertation Writing Help and Eliteassignmenthelp.

6. Online juror

Before taking a case to the court, lawyers like to test it on an online audience. This is a great job because anyone can do it and it’s well-paid. You can apply on many different websites online and you don’t have to have any previous experience or any specific knowledge to do this job.

7. Online reviewer

Being a reviewer means you get paid to write extensive reviews of different products on the market. These reviews will likely be posted online. So, if you are interested, you can find some great opportunities with Revieweal and Uktopwriters.

8. Customer service

Customer service is an excellent area to work in, especially because there is so much attention placed on the customer at the moment. Many companies are looking for customer service reps because of the new live chat options. They need a big team that can cover the live chat and regular customer service seamlessly.

9. Tutor

Your vast experience and knowledge will come in handy to someone. You can find tutoring opportunities on Best Essay Writing Service and Homework Help. This job will keep your brain healthy and active.

10. Website tester

If you are a bit more tech savvy - not too much is necessary - you can become a website tester. You can apply to any of the services that do this and just record yourself talking about what you like and dislike about websites.

Age is nothing but a number

Finding work as an older person doesn't have to be hard. You just need to open your mind to all of the possibilities that exist in the online world and what you can do to make your life better. All of these opportunities are remote and they pay well so you'll be able to live a comfortable, happy life. Hopefully, one of these jobs will work for you.

About the author

Chloe Bennet is a content editor at Case Study Writing Service and Best History Assignment Help service. She helps with blog management, comes up with new blog topics and writes on social media. Also, Chloe teaches academic writing at Order Essay website.

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