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How to Optimise YMYL Sites For SEO

08 January 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Shanta Narang in Industry Experts

How YMYL sites differ in SEO

If you have been looking for more details about SEO, then you must have come across the term YMYL since it very common in SEO discussions. As a website owner, it's always important to take some time and learn more about SEO or even consult with SEO experts. The SEO industry is an industry that has been changing, especially with the new features being updated regularly by various search engines.

Web browsers are always looking for the best ways to improve user experience by providing them with the most suitable and accurate answers for what they search for on the internet.

SEO experts help your website to comply with search engine requirements, which plays a vital role in improving the site ranking. Eventually, the high website ranking attracts the attention of internet users and improve traffic.

The more the website visitors, the more your business has a high chance of developing the customer base. For an impressive ranking, your website and content need to be optimised frequently. YMYL and E-A-T are some of the significant factors considered by search engines while ranking sites.

What are YMYL and E-A-T?

YMYL is an abbreviation for (your money or your life). Google categorises web pages and content that might hurt peoples lives or finances as YMYL. The websites are said to have content that might have an impact on readers'readers' health, safety, happiness, or even financial stability.

Some of the YMYL sites in this category include:

  • Finance websites; sites that advice in investment, loans, insurance, banking and more so webpages that allow users to buy products or transfer money online.
  • Shopping websites that allow users to buy products or services online News and current event news such as the websites owned by media houses fall in this category.
  • Health and safety: A website that provides more information about drugs, hospitals and medical issues.
  • Government, civics and law websites that inform people about their government and their role as citizens. Like their democratic rights, civic education on various issues and public institutions.
  • Many websites fall in YMYL category, especially those covering issues of importance in one'sone's life like housing, fitness, among others.

On the other hand, E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritative, and Trustworthiness. These are also other aspects that Google considers while ranking websites. When search engines are unable to trust your expertise or the content you provide, then your website rank will drop.

The search engine aims at providing intent users with the most accurate, reliable, and suitable results for what they search. No internet user wants to be lied to when they search for a specific topic on the search engines.

Now that you have understood what YMYL means, how then do you optimise the YMYL websites for SEO?

The recent Google core algorithm updates have affected a majority of the YMYL websites, especially those that are offering advice on sensitive topics and have not proven their E-A-T. Content is always at the centre of search engine optimisation.

Even if you hire an SEO expert to help you out, you must have the right content for your website. The good news is that SEO services are readily available around you.

Steps to take when optimising YMYL sites for SEO

  • First look for SEO services providers to help you determine if your website content would be considered as YMYL by Google.
  • Ensure authors publish content with proven and genuine expertise in all topics covered.
  • Build author profiles to prove the expertise of your authors and content providers on your website.
  • Ensure you only publish accurate and factual content
  • Use data to back up your content and get the figures from a trusted source.
  • Moderate any content generated by your website visitors to ensure it doesn't threaten your site E-A-T prospects.
  • In case you're coming up with affiliate content, ensure that it genuinely helps the reader make informed decisions.

Go for the best SEO services provider around you to help you in optimising your YMYL website and see your business grow. On the other hand, make sure you do your research on search engine updates that might affect your business ranking.

Remember, you are competing with millions of websites on the same niche, and as a business, you need to enhance your online visibility for you to increase sales and build trust.

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