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5 Whiskey And Beer Combos To Try Once

10 June 2022 | 0 comments | Posted by Jessica Smith in Masterchefs

Beer and whiskey combos

Isn't it true that two different types of drinks must be much better if one is nice? Primarily if someone serves them to you simultaneously, next to each other. That's the allure of a boilermaker, which is nothing more than a shot of whiskey served alongside a cold beer.

You may either sip the whiskey slowly, follow it with the beer, or shoot the entire little glass and pound it. Some folks even take a shot of whiskey and mix it with their beer. It is entirely dependent on your personal preferences.

According to reports, people have been consuming the combination of whiskey and beer since the 1400s because of quenching their thirst and low-strength beer. And the combination goes well as their main ingredients are the same - water, grains, and yeast. But gradually, it became a ritual known as a chaser.

If you've never had one before, going to a bar may tempt you and order a beer and whiskey cocktail. This can frequently work as a drink order, but you may receive some funny stares because it will be evident to everyone that you are a novice.

Have you ever tried whiskey with beer? You're going to have a great time. With this 'boilermaker' matching guide, you can figure out what works best.

1. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Maker's Mark

Bourbon is a great, fat whiskey made primarily from maize. There's a lot to choose from, but if you stick to what they call corn-led Bourbon on the shelf, you're looking for something with a bit of weight and taste. With bourbons like black velvet whiskey, an American red ale would be a great place to start, something that symbolizes the whiskey's origins. Similarly, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale would be fantastic if you're searching for something lighter and happier.

It has a harsh, astringent flavour that works well as a palette cleanser. If you're sipping a bourbon, that's worth drinking; every trace of the greasy corn body washes away.

2. Jameson Irish Whiskey and Red Amber Ale

One of the most excellent whiskeys to blend with beer is Irish whiskey, and this is because Irish whiskey has a malt flavour that pairs well with a range of beers. If that's what you're after with this cocktail, the malted barley from the whiskey will bring out the malt flavour.

The malt taste of this whiskey is enhanced when mixed with a red amber lager. The beer's hops and maltiness will deliver the sweet and occasionally sour flavour you're searching for in a malt combo drink. Both the whisky and the beer will begin to complement each other and flow smoothly together.

3. Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier with Nikka Coffey Grain

Because the grain bill replaces most of the malted barley with wheat, the Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier is defined as the Hefeweizen Beer style, commonly known as wheat Beer.

The yeast strains utilized are likewise unusual, with notes of banana and glove often appearing. This Hefeweissbier has well-known banana overtones and a strong spice influence. A hint of citrus enters the tongue, followed by a peppery, lively finish.

Yoichi, Japan's second-largest Whisky maker, adds fresh layers of tropical fruit, summer spice, and coconut to the mix with a dram of Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky.

A symphony of tropical fruits, warm spice, and gentle sweetness emerges after a taste of each, creating a unique pairing experience.

4. Pikesville Rye Whiskey and Traditional Light Beers

Rye whiskey has a reputation for being a strong and peppery spirit. Most rye whiskeys happen to be one of the most popular beverages, and it was first produced in the 1890s in Maryland. But the manufacturers stopped producing it due to the prohibition.

After that, as soon as Pikesville came back with the rye whiskey, it became a big hit and didn't stop once people started repeating it. Now, the brand produces its famous whiskey in extra-aged barrels in Kentucky in a prime warehouse.

Many bartenders recommend pairing rye whiskey with lighter beers since it is so peppery or fiery. You can mix the shot of whiskey directly into the beer, but most people recommend that you drink the two together. This light and delicious beer will efficiently cool down your rye whiskey if it becomes too much for you to handle.

5. Alesmith Wee Heavy with Booker's Kentucky Straight Bourbon

The Wee Heavy, brewed by San Diego's outstanding Alesmith brewery, is a thick, malty Scotch Ale with a 10% ABV. This beer pairs well with Bourbon, thanks to notes of toffee-covered walnuts, smoke, and black fruit.

The Bourbon, usually over 60% ABV, is strong enough to show through, adding aromas of rich vanilla, charred wood, and smoke to the Alesmith Brew's presence.

This combo is ideal for Bourbon fans and other sweet, dark beverages since the sweetness will gradually build. Enjoy the lengthy, lovely finish as this pair mingle and blend after you've tasted each.

Final words

Few things are more pleasant after a hard day at work than the ritual of drawing from a fine beer. When you add a dash of whiskey to the mix, you've got a mixture far more than the sum of its parts.

Hence, the most-loved beer and whisky pairings as enlisted above will surely make you have a great time. But make sure not to go overboard with any combination, mainly if this is your first time. Also, do not try all the combos at a time, as this way, you cannot enjoy a single flavour.

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