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nichemarket Partners Up With Netpeak Software

11 April 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Media and Press

nichemarket and netpeak partner

SEO can be a complicated and tiresome exercise especially when your site begins to scale. The larger your website becomes the more complex the auditing process becomes as well as being time-consuming. Instead of actioning tasks that will move the needle SEOs are spending time scraping sites and reviewing the information formatting the data into reports and then interpreting the data before they can start pulling out actionable points on how to move the needle.

While many a skilled SEO can do these tasks manually, its by no means the most effective way of spending their time and this is why SEO software has become so popular over the last few years. SEO software helps find on site and offsite opportunities, pick up site errors, reduce, monitor and benchmark competitors and provide a measuring stick for improvements other than just traffic and conversion rate. 

nichemarket and Netpeak Software team up

At nichemarket, we create a SEO audits and reports that to suit client needs and having used Netpeak Software in the past we're fully aware of how practical and robust their range of products have been.

We are excited to announce that nichemarket has now partnered with NetPeak Software to help local and international businesses improve their reporting and of course their marketing. You can now sign up via nichemarket for NetPeak using the links below and receive discounted access to their range of SEO and site auditing tools to help improve your sites SEO.

Get a helping hand with your SEO audits

If you're looking for a tool that provides reliable data and easy to understand SEO reports that will save you time and reduce the amount of human error caused by manual data extraction and formatting, then Netpeak software is ideal for your business.

Try out NetPeak Software suite

What does Netpeak Software do?

Netpeak Software develops tools for SEO specialists and webmasters that help solve day-to-day SEO tasks easily and effectively. The Netpeak SEO Software suite includes two distinct tools namely, the Netpeak Spider which is an SEO crawler that helps you do a fast, comprehensive technical audit of the entire website while Netpeak Checker acts as a research tool for bulk SEO analysis that enables you to audit URLs using a wide range of parameters.

Get started with Netpeak Software

We're excited to announce that nichemarket and NetPeak Software have partnered up to help South African businesses get more out of their websites SEO by scraping and finding issues to help improve your site. Sign up to Netpeak Sofware now and get 10% off your subscription to their comprehensive technical auditing tools for your website. 

To celebrate the launch of the improved Netpeak Spider 3.2 with top-notch and long-awaited features such as:

  • JavaScript rendering
  • Express audit of the optimization quality (PDF) 
  • Enhanced issue description

Netpeak will be giving new sign-ups the opportunity to get 20% off with our NS3-2-Nichemarket promo code until 23 April 2019 inclusive → prices will increase soon.

For more on the latest update to Netpeak Spider, you can read a detailed post on their blog  

Note: If you sign up before 23 April 2019 you will get 20% off your subscription fee. To claim your 20% discount click here

Let us audit your site or set up your reporting

If you need custom reports that pull in various data points so you can view all your marketing efforts in one place, let us help. We can provide a site audit and create data dashboards to suit all your needs and can be updated as you require additional insights. If you're interested in having an SEO audit for your site or a custom SEO report, contact us today

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