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18 Cute Ideas To Surprise Your Girlfriend

03 December 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana Ross in Mind, Body & Soul

Ideas to surprise your girlfriend

The question of how to make an original surprise for a girl is a real issue for many young men. Although the financial side plays an important role, to delight and charm your loved one, you need mainly imagination and attention. Unusual creative ideas and a little bit of free time for their implementation can not only make your girl feel love but make every day unforgettable for her. 

How to make her eyes beam with happiness not leaving your home

Home treasure hunt

In the morning after waking up, the first thing a girl sees will be the message that little surprises are hidden for her somewhere in the house. Their number can vary, but it will be more exciting if we correlate the number of gifts with the situation, for example, 14 presents for February 14th. It is better if small gifts are inside identical boxes or in beautiful wrapping paper. The places of the buried treasure should not be too obvious. Pleasant trifles are suitable, for example, a girl’s favourite chocolate bar or sweets. The fact of finding treasures among familiar things already excites the imagination.

One hundred reasons why you love her

Here, you need to try and make a list of such reasons, emphasizing the best qualities of the girl or memorable joint events. Reasons such as “beautiful” or “kind” are not bad, but the more original they are, the better. For example, you can write, “I will always remember how we kissed in the rain on our third date.” And by all means, highlight the main thing - love for no reason. Notes can be folded inside a can or hidden around the house.

Dinner by candlelight, cooked with your own hands

This manifestation of care is very attractive, able to tune in a romantic way and cause warm feelings. Young women who prefer older or mature men to love such surprises.

Romantic attributes

A pleasant surprise will be a decorated room. Rose petals on the bed, balloons with curly ribbons on the ceiling, and notes attached to them with love confessions. Or add new details to the bathroom. Hot bubble bath, rose petals, and candles.

A letter in the mailbox

So now texts have become so familiar that a letter to your girlfriend, written on paper by hand, can already be considered an original move.

Surprise Party

By the time she comes home, you need to gather friends and have an unexpected party. This gift is suitable for girls who love to be in the spotlight. Introvert girls may not only reject such a surprise, but it can even cause them stress.

A small sign of attention

Even just a pleasant message written with a finger on the bathroom mirror can make a girl very happy.

The graffiti under the window

What can be cuter than a love confession made under the window? The letters from the footprints in the snow or the image of the heart at night made of candles. And you can gather friends and ask them to line up in the shape of a heart, standing in the centre, yourself.

The video

You can make an amateur movie about her, arrange a romantic surprise at-home - dinner for watching an unexpected gift for a girl.

Fireworks for her

Inviting her to look out the window, start the fireworks.

Outdoors ideas to make your girl happy

A romantic walk to a new place

It can become an extraordinary undertaking if you take the girl to an unfamiliar or unusual location. For example, you can have dinner in a restaurant where meals are served in the dark, or a theatre in a neighbouring city.

Unexpected vacation

You can steal her from work, having already agreed with her employer, and fly on vacation with secretly purchased tickets.

Hotel breakaway

A room decorated in advance in a posh hotel would be a great idea.

A trip to the place where you first met or a spot of great significance for both of you

It may also be a surprise for the girl. You can go where you had your first date or where you spent an unforgettable weekend and indulge in nostalgia.


An adventure route around the city, with tips hidden in public places in search of a gift, can be developed by yourself, or you can take advantage of the services that suit such adventures.

Treasure search

A similar but more elaborate quest can be arranged on a picnic, with a treasure buried in a designated place. Hand the girl a treasure map and a shovel and let her find her gift.

A letter to the future

A picnic can also become extraordinary. Offer your loved one to write down her dreams and plans for the future, hide the sheet inside the bottle, and bury it in the appointed place, to return here in a few years to dig up the letter and check whether the dreams have come true.

A randomly found reminder

A note in her phone, a sticker with words of love inside her lunch box, or a cute message left on the pages of the book she is now reading.

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