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6 Benefits of Accounting Software Tools For Small Businesses

11 August 2020 | 1 comments | Posted by Hugo Morris in Money Talks

Accounting software benefits

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that their prime objective is to maximize profits while minimizing operational costs at all times. And one way to realize this is by updating the financial data as accurately as possible. But in truth, no one wants to deal with bookkeeping pressure after a long day marked with a beehive of administrative activities. Too bad accounting is an inevitable task, and one of the key measures of how your business is doing.

The good news is there’s a way to make the whole process simpler and quicker. We’re talking about implementing accounting software for SMEs. Without further ado, let’s look at how such tools as FreshBooks and QuickBooks can benefit your small business.

Centralized financial management

Online accounting software tools allow you to manage all your cash inflow and cash outflow activities under one roof. They enable you to record sales, expenses, create invoices and payrolls, and keep track of all the business transactions.

These data records are valuable to the business as they paint a picture of the current financial status and give insights into the areas that need improvement. What’s more, you will save a lot of time and resources as you won’t need additional software or human resource to get the job done.

Minimal room for errors

Do you want to prepare accurate financial reports and statements in a hassle-free manner? The best accounting software for small businesses is all you need. Forget about the spreadsheet manual accounting or the paper and pencil methods.

Everything is automated, and once you key in the data that need processing, you can retrieve the results almost immediately. As long as you don’t delete the data, they’ll be available for retrieval or reference for as long as you want. This is certainly a significant upgrade from the traditional paper-filing system, which is susceptible to theft or misplacement.


Don’t get us wrong; hiring an accounting manager is perfectly fine, and the best way to get expert advice and guidance on matters finance. But it might not be the wisest of moves when your business hasn’t gained a foothold yet, and funds are limited.

This makes accounting software an excellent alternative to help with bookkeeping and manage most other areas of your business finances.

Optimal data security

Theft of valuable business data is among the most devastating experiences any small business can grapple with today. It can lead to loss of money or even clients.

A safer way to store such data is by using cloud-based accounting software for small businesses. Most of these tools employ industry-standard data encryption and other safety measures to ensure your sensitive information is 100% protected.

But remember, you still have a role to play as the business owner and must always ensure that only trusted people have access to this data in-house.

Analysis tools

The best accounting software helps you save a lot of money that you’d have spent on private consultants or auditors by including additional analysis tools. For example, you can get customized financial reports such as balance sheet summaries and lists of customers who owe you money at the press of a few buttons? Having this information is critical in helping you keep track of the overall health of your business.

Tax compliance made simple

Excellent bookkeeping means rationalizing every cash outflow, regardless of how small it is. And that’s precisely what accounting software for SMEs do. Besides knowing the amount of tax payable for specific invoices, these tools also prepare reports indicating the amount of taxes you’ve paid within a specified period. Moreover, you can also file your tax returns directly using most of these small business accounting software.


Setting up the right accounting software for your small business is a sure way to save time, cut costs, and maximize profits. Besides, it makes access to crucial business information a lot easier while also guaranteeing the security of your sensitive data.

As we mentioned earlier, you can never go wrong with either FreshBooks or QuickBooks. Both are user-friendly, quite affordable, and help you complete pretty much every process we’ve discussed here. Try them today, and please don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments below.

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