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How To Earn Cryptocurrency With Cannabis Related Content

14 July 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Money Talks

Earn crypto for weed related content

The cannabis industry has started to shed many of the layers of prohibition that kept production and application at bay with various countries starting to legalise it for certain uses and use cases. This has seen the Marijuana grow into more an item for just recreational use, but for alternative pain treatment as well as hemp and CBD product production.

Cannabis culture has found a home on the internet and as this subculture begins to grow we are seeing more people attracted to the various possibilities this plant can bring in terms of quality of life as well as income opportunities. Due to its history, we've seen cannabis culture adopt the anti-establishment rhetoric and with that, weed-related content has attracted a large following in various corners of the world who hold similar ideas.

One such group are cryptocurrency users who are firmly anti-establishment and with these similarities, in ideology, it was only a matter of time before these two crossed paths and started to form their own projects to further both agendas. The culmination of this collaboration has spouted two such projects, one called Smoke.io and the other called Weed Cash, two cryptocurrency-based social media platforms that allow its users to freely share any cannabis-related content online and to be rewarded in cryptocurrency for creating, sharing and interacting with fellow marijuana enthusiasts. 


Smoke.io is a decentralised social media platform designed to host all things cannabis and hemp-related. Connect with users all over the world looking to share their passion for growing, smoking, medicinal use, product creation and commerce within the cannabis industry. Find free uncensored information, engage with various communities and post your own weed-related content on the site. All actions are rewarded with upvotes and users receive the SMOKE token in return for engagement and contributions.

Smoke.io is a fork of the STEEM blockchain and has its own native currency.

Visit Smoke.io

Introduction to Smoke.io

Weed Cash

Weed Cash has a similar premise in terms of content but the technology behind it is a bit different as this social media site runs on top of the STEEM blockchain. Weed Cash is SCOT Token built and run on the STEEM blockchain via the SCOT side chain. STEEM wallet/account holders gain instant access to the Weed Cash platform and can earn their token via post creation, commenting and upvoting related content.

The Weed Cash tokens can be traded for STEEM on the STEEM Engine DEX (Decentralised Exchange) and sold for various cryptocurrencies once exchanged for STEEM.

Visit Weed Cash

Puff, puff, post

There is still a widespread taboo hanging over weed culture and while its influence is still felt on mainstream social media it is often marginalised or drowned out by other content niches due to algorithms. Creating content around your passion in this field can be tough as you're audience reach is limited, which is why alternative platforms like these will likely start to gain in popularity. 

Whether you're a weed activist and like to use the plant recreationally, someone who uses it for pain relief, someone who has started a business selling hemp manufactured products or a dispensary then these social media sites are where you should be focusing your energy.

Tell us your story

Have you started doing work for cryptocurrency? How has it helped you? Are there any sites you feel should be listed here? Drop us a comment and let us know

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