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How To Curate Your Digital Writing Portfolio

04 November 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in nichemarket Advice

Online article curation

Starting a career in online writing is challenging; some of you may land your dream job from the start. In contrast, others may have their blog turn into a successful business. However, the vast majority of online won't hit the ground with that level of success in the first few months or years. There are billions of sites live competiting for readers attention and search rankings every day, and as a content writer trying to stand out in an area where competition continues to grow means you need to go the extra mile.

As you build up your portfolio and skill level, you can command better jobs, higher fees and even be requested to write for specific publications. Writers all over the world are creating content but what they fail to do is curate their content in a way that makes it easy to find and allow publications and possible clients to gauge the scope of your writing ability.

Online reputation for writers

Reputation is everything in the world of online writing, and if you don't have an established online brand, then you need a quick, easy way for people check out your work, your style and your level of professionalism.

While social media accounts can do wonders as a digital asset, you cannot discount the power of having a curated web presence. This could be through creating a personal writing blog or setting up a digital portfolio of your writing.

The advantages of a curated writing portfolio:

  • Easy-to-read clips: If someone is looking to hire you, their main goal in coming to your site is to read your work and see if they like it. Make it simple for them!
  • Uncluttered design: If a prospect can't find what they need in less than a few seconds got too much going on. Losing their attention means losing a possible job.
  • Link building: It provides a place where you can provide added value for publications and drive traffic to articles you've written.

Ready to showcase your work

If the idea of a blog seems like too much work, but you still want to curate your work in an easy to manage online platform, then there are serval writing portfolio websites you can use. These sites allow you to set up a personal profile on their site, link all your articles from various sites as well as your contact details and social media accounts.

These portfolio sites can act as a hub for all your digital writing, ghostwriting, guest posts and more.

1. Carbonmade

Launched in 2005, Carbonmade has been building portfolio tools for creatives. Over those fifteen years, they've added hundreds of features built explicitly for creatives: Everything from personalised layouts specifically for your profession, to domain linking, custom subdomains and audio and PDF upload support is ready and available.

Visit Carbonmade

2. Contently (Freelancer by Contently)

Contently was launched back in 2010 as a content marketing and technology company with one of its features being a portfolio for freelance writers. Contently is focused on freelancers who are actively seeking work. The site works in partnership with clients who are seeking freelancers, matching their requests with writers who have appropriate portfolios and skillsets.

But you're not forced to use the service; you can create an account and use their portfolio tool to showcase all your work in one place.

Visit Contently

3. Clippings.me

If simplicity is more your style then Clippings.me would be an appealing option, the site was created with freelance journalists in mind and gives you a quick and easy way to show off your best clips. The site allows you to add links, upload PDFs, embed media and podcasts.

Clippings.me also offer an open journalism directory where you can browse journalists based on niches or by country to find potential interviewees for the stories.

Visit Clippings.me

4. Format

Format is a portfolio management service aimed more at the artistic type from photographers, illustrators and designers, but that doesn't mean writers are left out in the cold. The site provides users with a vast selection of curated themes to fit your unique brand, giving you a beautiful digital canvas to show off your best work.

Visit Format

5. Journo Portfolio

If no fuss and a modern look is your speed, then Journo Portfolios customisable dashboard that comes in six themes is where you should be hosting your content. The site focuses on 'helping journalists, writers, and bloggers create a fully personalised website to showcase their writing. You can upload links, files and media and create a rich profile of all your online activities.

Journo Portfolio

6. Muck Rack

Muck Rack is a database and directory that helps connect PR professionals and journalists, but it also allows each of them to showcase their work easily. The cool thing about Muck Rack is that it creates and maintains the portfolio for you by automatically compiling articles, outlets, and social media profiles which, is one of the most accessible options in terms of both set-up and maintenance.

Muck Rack profiles can be customised by adding a bio, listing your beats and spotlighting your best pieces, best of all it's free to use.

Visit Muck Rack

7. Pressfolios

If you're looking for a place not necessarily to promote but rather to back up your content, then Pressfolios is an online portfolio platform that offers this service to writers. Pressfolios launched in 2011, and the service mainly targets freelance journalists but also works perfectly for content writers, bloggers and media/PR professionals. The service targets serious users and doesn't offer any free plans.

Visit Pressfolios

8. Writer's Residence

Writer's Residence was created to make it easy for journalists and writers to create a beautiful online portfolio. The service was built by a dynamic duo of a writer and programmer, and you can clearly see they understand what writers need out of a portfolio management service.

Visit Writer's Residence

9. Writerfolio

Writerfolio wants to help writers stand out with an appealing and professional Writerfolio portfolio to leave a great first impression with clients and editors. The platform is designed for writers of any skill level and you can build a portfolio with unlimited writing samples with attachment uploads, a variety of themes to choose from, an easy fill-in-the-blanks portfolio setup and more.

Visit Writerfolio

Tell us your traffic story

Have you been trying to get more writing jobs? How have you been using any of these platforms? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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Recommended reading

If you enjoyed this post and have a little extra time to dive deeper down the rabbit hole, why not check out the following posts on content writing.

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