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7 Copywriting Tips To Boost Your Conversion Rates

28 October 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Donna James in Industry Experts

Improve your copywriting for better conversion rates

Entrepreneurs, webmasters, and business owners often neglect the impact of copywriting on website performance because they consider it to be somewhat technical and inefficient. Still, marketers know how important it is to write a powerful and compelling copy.

A report shows that a typical user reads only 20% of the text on the average webpage, but a well-written copy can boost interest and drastically increase dwell times. Copywriting can bring many other benefits to your business:

  • Improve search engine ranking
  • Make you a key opinion leader
  • Generate fresh leads
  • Drive more conversions

Now, the main question is: How do I become a better copywriter? Our goal is to help you with that, so keep reading to learn seven copywriting tips that can boost your website's conversions.

1. Analyse the target audience

We shouldn't even talk about the first tip on our list, but too many copywriters forget to analyse the target audience before creating website content. It's a big blunder that almost always results in low conversion rates, so you better take some time for research.

The idea behind this tip is to understand how your audience thinks and behaves. That way, you will be able to tailor and customize the content according to their needs. Here's what you need to figure out:

  • Demographic details such as locations, age, gender, and relationship status
  • Personal interests
  • Average education and income levels
  • Values, objectives, and beliefs

With all those details at your disposal, copywriting should be relatively easy for you.

2. Write compelling headlines

What is the first thing users see when they land on your site?

The answer is simple – they see the headline. Capturing attention is why you need to spend enough time thinking about the perfect headline for each page.

A general rule of thumb is to make direct and clear headlines that reveal the purpose of the page instantly. But if you are struggling to find the best headline for a new page, you can try with CoSchedule Headline Analyzer.

The platform will quickly assess each option and give you valuable insights on how to make the title more effective.

Protip! For more in improving headlines for conversion rate check out our posts:

3. Write short but effective copies

Successful content creators will always tell you that less is more in website copywriting.

How come?

Well, studies reveal that 80% of people read headlines, while only 20% read the rest of the text. In such circumstances, the only way to drive engagement and inspire visitors to read on is by writing short but effective copies.

Don't write entire pages about products or services and don't focus on your business. Instead, make it all about the customers. Show them the benefits of opting for your products instead of competitors'.

4. Use power words

Although it may seem irrelevant in the eyes of a typical reader, the fact is that some words perform better than other conversion-wise. These are the so-called power words that can inspire people to take action based on your recommendation. It turns out that copywriters know a lot of power words, with some of the most productive solutions being:

  • You
  • New
  • Free
  • Now
  • Instantly

Our recommendation is to use "because" frequently. Why? Do it because it makes the statement look more authoritative and reasonable. It will convince most readers that your offer is legit and drive additional engagement.

5. Mind the structure of your copy

Copywriting is not only about making an appealing piece of text. On the contrary, it is also about creating a well-structured content that doesn't burden the audience with complexity. How do you structure a webpage copy to be eye-pleasing?

You will separate the text in many smaller paragraphs and divide content using a lot of whitespace in between. There is also the option of making lists – you can find an excellent example on NSBroker website. A well-structured copy is easier to read, which means that website visitors will spend more time consuming your content.

6. Support the story with numbers

Supporting the story with numbers is always an excellent copywriting idea. When you add real-world figures to the equation, it makes the copy more authoritative and shows that your statement is proven and based on thorough research. Which statement do you consider to be more relevant here?

  • Our platform will help you to boost conversions.
  • Our platform will help you to increase conversions by 15% in 3 months.

The answer is obvious because the second statement sounds more convincing and authoritative. Therefore, don't forget to add numbers to the copy whenever you notice an excellent opportunity.

7. Add a CTA

The last tip is to make the copy actionable and give readers the chance to engage. You can do it simply by adding a call to action (CTA) and encouraging the audience to follow your suggestions. However, keep in mind that CTA buttons need to stand out from the rest of the content.

Use larger fonts and bright colours to differentiate this part of the copy. Besides that, make it highly engaging by writing CTA copies that readers can't help but click. It will make the copy complete and maximize your website's conversion rates.


Copywriting is the essence of website administration because your business hopes depend on how well you present products or services to potential buyers. In this post, we discussed seven copywriting tips that can boost your website's conversions.

Have you already tried some of these tips? Do you use other high-performing copywriting tactics?

We look forward to seeing some fresh ideas, thoughts, and suggestions, so feel free to write a comment and give us your opinion about copywriting!

About the author

Donna James is a professional content writer and proofreader who works for several writing companies. Being interested in the latest technological novelties and marketing developments, Donna enjoys spending her free time surfing the Internet and self-developing.

Donna James

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