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42 FREE Business Directories In South Africa

07 August 2019 | 24 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in nichemarket Advice

Online Business Directory Sites In South Africa

Launching a new business and gaining traction online isn't easy and even for established businesses finding new leads isn't easy with so many options online it makes it harder to compete for customers than ever before. Not every business can afford a highly optimised website or pay for digital advertising and marketing services. This is why leveraging the work other sites do is important for local businesses.

A cheap and effective way to reach new customers can be done by linking up with local or national business directories. South African online directories are great for helping you with SEO too, by providing you with referral traffic and getting reaching out to audiences built up by these websites. National and local directories can get your site higher on search engines and be a great source of online reputation through customer reviews and more.

Online Business Directories are not all created equal and vary in quality and content, which is why it's important to try and leverage as many as possible by registering on multiple directories.

There are a number of free business directories in South Africa that can assist your business get more exposure with search engines and in turn, attract more customers over time. If you're keen on getting started with online directories, then here is a list of the best South African business directories currently available.

1. nichemarket

nichemarket is South Africa's fastest-growing business directory and offers free listings to South African businesses. Our primary function is that of a social marketplace and business information hub and supplies not only access to business information but a host of helpful content. It’s a place where entrepreneurs can promote their business and services, and consumers can explore local listings.

You can sign up for your free account here

2. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages delivers local commercial search in South Africa, combining it with effective advertising and marketing services.

Visit - https://www.yellowpages.co.za/

3. SouthAfrican.za.net

SouthAfrican.za.net lists businesses by category. Just register and log into your account to add your business to the website.

Visit - http://southafrican.za.net/

4. EasyInfo

EasyInfo is one of the first and leading website directories in South Africa. Besides an Internet platform, they have print, mobile and intranet solutions.

Visit - http://easyinfo.co.za/

5. South African Web Directory

South African Web Directory is a free database of suppliers and web providers. It also contains an intuitive search and a list of categories and subcategories.

Visit - http://www.sawebdirectory.co.za/

6. SAListings

SAListings is an online directory. The website also has categories like ‘Top Viewed’, ‘Top Rated’, ‘New Listings’ etc.

Visit - http://salistings.co.za/

7. Eishsa

Eishsa is a South African website directory. There are numerous categories and subcategories to choose from.

Visit - http://eishsa.co.za/

8. Ananzi

Named after a demigod of West African mythology, Ananzi was the first South African search engine. It currently consists of SA Site Directory and SA Web.

Visit - https://www.ananzi.co.za/

9. BiznizDirectory

BiznizDirectory increases the online presence of your website and allows you to register your business for free.

Visit - https://www.biznizdirectory.co.za/

10. Kompass

Kompass has more than 11,5 million contacts of verified businesses in 60+ countries all over the world.

Visit - https://za.kompass.com/

11. Hotfrog

Hotfrog is an international business directory which operates in 38 countries around the globe. It receives around 1,5 million page views per month.

Visit - https://www.hotfrog.co.za/

12. Brabys

Brabys is one of the most popular South African small business directories. They have over 1 million unique visitors each month.

Visit - https://www.brabys.com/

13. saYellow

saYellow is one of South Africa’s oldest online business directories, available since 1997. The company lists more than half a million businesses across the country.

Visit - https://www.sayellow.com/

14. SAFindit

SAFindit is a local news and business website. It contains a large number of businesses within assigned categories.

Visit - http://safindit.co.za/

15. directory.SouthAfrica.com

Directory of South Africa is an large resource for travel and business information. The directory has been operating since 1995.

Visit - https://directory.southafrica.com/

16. Findit

Findit is an online business directory of trade, commerce, industry and business opportunities in South Africa for free.

Visit - http://findit.co.za/

17. South Africa B2B

South Africa B2B is an international network for businesses, wholesalers, distributors and small businesses. The directory already contains 108 000 products and is still growing.

Visit - http://www.southafricab2b.co.za

18. Cylex

Cylex is a free online local business directory. The website also includes reviews written by customers.

Visit - https://www.cylex.net.za/

19. Rainbow Nation (Site down)

Rainbow Nation is an online business directory and search platform in South Africa. It has 75 000 unique monthly visitors. 

Visit - http://rainbownation.com/

20. Entrepo

Entrepo is an online business magazine that publishes articles and reviews on all types of businesses and industries in South Africa. To add your business listing on their directory is completely free.

Visit - https://www.entrepo.co.za/

21. Activeweb

ActiveWeb is a relatively new online business directory but does not compromise on functionality, generating visitors and ranking your business listing high on search engines. They offer free and premium options such as featured/highlighted listings at very low prices.

Visit - https://activeweb.co.za/

22. Freefind

Freefind - Free South African Business Directory • Freefind is a Free South African Business Directory. List Your Business for Free to Generate New Leads & Bulid Your Online Footprint.

Visit - https://www.freefind.co.za/

23. Alikah

Alikah.com Social media & Digital Marketing Platform helps you connect to the online community, Advertisement free; Online shopping find what to buy from thousands of businesses & sellers on the platform.

Visit - https://www.alikah.com/

24. Trade Times

Find Wholesalers in South Africa, manufactures/distributors in Africa, importers in Johannesburg, cape town by top quality importers, best cheap price suppliers in Johannesburg.

Visit - http://www.tradetimes.co.za/

25. Foxlist

Fox List is the best local business directory in South Africa. Get more ONLINE and OFFLINE exposure for your business & find what you need online with 

Visit - https://foxlist.co.za/

26. Bizblog

Increase online business exposure, increase in clients and generate more sales. Sign up and list your business on Bizblog Business Directory within minutes.

Visit - https://www.bizblog.co.za/

27. Ahoo

Ahoo is a free online Business Directory in South Africa, giving users the ability to add an unlimited number of business listings for free on our South African Business Directory. Find local businesses on our South African business directory and read reviews.

Visit - https://www.ahoo.co.za/

28. eBusiness Card

ebusiness card is a local directory and online classifieds website

Visit - https://www.ebusinesscardsa.co.za/

29. Proads Africa

Discover & connect with great local businesses in your local neighbourhood like dentists, hair stylists and more.

Visit - http://www.proadsafrica.co.za/

30. YelloSA

YelloSa is a Business Directory servicing South Africa. Users can list their Companies Contact Details, Addresses and more.

Visit - https://www.yellosa.co.za/

31. Browzit

Online Business Directory. Quickly Find South African Businesses with Browzit - Online Business Directory for South Africans Register for Business Today.

Visit - https://www.browzit.co.za/

32. South African Business Club

Search, rate and list your businesses in South Africa's newest business directory. We'll help you find the best provider for your every need.

Visit - https://www.sabusinessclub.com/

33. Show Me

ShowMe provides up to date, comprehensive information on towns and cities in South Africa for tourists and locals, all in one place.

Visit - https://showme.co.za/business-directory/

34. Best Directory

Best Directory is The Best FREE Business Directory Offering FREE Business Listings in South Africa. You can advertise an UNLIMITED number of businesses on our FREE online business directory.

Visit - https://www.bestdirectory.co.za/

35. Business Directory

Our service/s that is offered here with Amalgamated Business Directories is a Publication Internet Listing on our fully functional websites. They do a listing in full colour with logo's and pictures for a period of 18 months continuously.

Visit - http://www.businessdirectory.co.za/

36. Biz Genie

Biz-Genie.com is an Online Business Directory Service offering Business Listings to Companies and Small Businesses based within South Africa. Biz-Genie now offers FREE Business listings making the directory accessible to all South African businesses big or small.

Visit - http://www.biz-genie.com/

37. Funaku

Funaku is a South African online business directory, listing local South African companies online. List your South African business with the Funaku online directory.

Visit - http://www.funaku.co.za/

38. Atoz

AtoZ South Africa Business Directory is a Business Directory where any South African Business can add their company details free of charge. As of 2016 the site had a makeover and removed all their listings as many were not valid anymore or were considered spam.

Visit - https://atoz.co.za/

39. South African Business Directory

The SABD is a free Online South African Business Directory providing free listings, tools and a directory for small to medium-sized business in South Africa. A powerful marketing tool for South African business.

Visit - https://southafricabusinessdirectory.co.za/

40. List My Biz

listmybiz.co.za is a professional and reliable South African business directory. You can now create the professional business directory you've always dreamt of.

Visit - https://listmybiz.co.za/

41. The Business Directory

The business directory is a free national business directory targetting South Africa and services over 40 different categories. Users can list and browse by category or location. 

Visit - http://www.thebusinessdirectory.co.za/

42. Rize Directory

RizeDirectory is a South African Business Directory that exists to help small businesses amplify their online presence and brand awareness.

Visit - http://rizedirectory.co.za/

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Have you struggled to get your business noticed online? Are there any sites you feel should be added to the list? How have you been using them? Share your tips with us in the comments section below.

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If you require a more detailed guide on how to create your profile or your listing, then we highly recommend you check out the following articles. 

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If you enjoyed this post and have a little extra time to dive deeper down the rabbit hole, why not check out the following posts on online directories.

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