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Who Is The Smartest SEO in South Africa?

15 November 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in nichemarket Advice

South Africas Smartest SEO

We live in a competitive world where everyone wants either be the best, work with the best, work for the best or learn from the best and SEO is no different. SEO has become a more mature industry, but it is still shrouded in mystery, especially for developed markets in South Africa. So where can you find a good SEO to learn from?

The answer is everywhere, most quality SEOs are self-taught, and because of this have a wealth fo experience through trial and error. They would also have a proven track record, their own site that ranks pretty well and producing high-quality content across a number of verticles like YouTube, Medium or LinkedIn.

Who is South Africas' smartest SEO?

There are smart SEO's all over the world and believe it or not, there are Smart SEOs in South Africa too, we're "internet" with the best of them. Some SEO's are deemed successful by the number of conferences they attend, clients they work with, fake awards they've won, groundbreaking experiments so there is no real way of telling who is the best.

Smart SEOs come in all shapes and sizes and this self-taught SEO has decided to proclaim himself South Africa's Smartest SEO, Che Kohler.

How did Che become the best SEO in South Africa?

It all started back in 2014 while working at the now-defunct Kalahari.com, the SEO department needed more hands-on-deck and 301 redirected their attention to me. I become an SEO by canonicalisation and have not looked back since. Over the last 5 years, I've spent my waking days fighting for the best rankings, driving quality traffic, winning new featured snippets and attracting leads to a number of clients websites. 

Protip! It helps to follow Britney Muller on Twitter and then borrow liberally from her various content ideas. Like this one I so crudely copied, pasted and made my own.

A Sham with a plan

Shamima hired Che and taught him all he knows about SEO and soon discovered he had a knack for sniffing out top rankings like a truffle pig. Soon she let him write his own titles and meta descriptions without management supervision and they started to naturally link up with many a project going forward.

How to become the best SEO in South Africa?

  1. Start with the primary business goal or KPI (Key Performance Indicator).
  2. Write down the actions a website visitor needs to take to trigger the KPI.
  3. Consider the customer acquisition funnel.
  4. Evaluate current website analytics.
  5. Perform a technical audit.
  6. Perform a content audit.
  7. Improve on-page content to meet your goal better.
  8. Employ SEO best practices to expand visibility.
  9. Utilise social media to reach your target market.
  10. Repurpose poor performing content.
  11. Reviliatise old content.
  12. Build highly contextual links from a range of domains.
  13. Fight, bribe or otherwise manipulate Dev and UX teams to see things your way

What you need to be South Africas' smartest SEO

SkillSkill Level
Technical SEOExpert
On-Page SEOExpert
Content WritingExpert
Keyword ResearchExpert

Link building


Data analysis


Having a good range of skills will help you become a Smart SEO and as I mentioned earlier following others in the industry can really help step up your game. 

Good SEOs borrow, great SEOs steal ideas, do keyword research to back it up, create better content and outrank you - Che Kohler

Some work from South Africas Smartest SEO

Why being a smart South African SEO is important

Being a Smart SEO means you can save yourself and your clients a lot of guesswork in defining what people search for online and how to encourage them to visit your site instead of competitors.

Contact us

If you would like to speak to South Africa's smartest SEO then Simply contact me here

Are you looking to promote your business?

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If you require a more detailed guide on how to create your profile or your listing, then we highly recommend you check out the following articles. 

Recommended reading

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