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7 Amazing Tips for Surviving Your Babys First Haircut

21 August 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by John Merashi in Parental Guidance

Tips for your babies first haircut

During birth, your kid was bald or with thick hair. Either way, by the time they reach their toddler years, their hair is long enough to need a haircut. Otherwise, your kid will have a very sloppy head, or you have to keep brushing the hair off the eyes. 

Unfortunately, while you might look forward to a sharable pic after the cut, the experience is most likely going to be traumatizing for your kid. The most likely scenario is your kid crying his eyes off. However, with the expert tips below, you can survive your baby’s first haircut without tears.

1. Prioritise quality

You want your baby’s first haircut to go as smoothly as possible. The best way to do that is to pick the best salon possible. Remember, their experience in the first haircut determines how they will respond to subsequent haircuts.

What works as a good salon or barbershop for you might not be necessarily so for your kid. Do your due diligence to ensure that the salon you pick has a kid-friendly environment. The chairs should be convenient for kids. More importantly, the salon should have toys, as you might forget to carry yours.

In any case, what kid does not love to play with new toys. Experience of the barber or stylist is also crucial. Remember, the first hair of your baby is extremely fine. As such, only a professional will cut it without accidentally injuring the kid. 

That said, you can still DIY cutting your baby’s first hair. However, there are two crucial things you need before you cut that hair by yourself:

  • Excellent mastery of the art behind haircuts
  • The best tools for haircuts

Of course, if you are going for a clean shave, it is easy with any trimmer and clipper blade. But, if you want to trim and style, you need different sizes of clipper blades such as the Oster clipper blades

2. Familiarise your kid with the haircut experience

The best way to prepare your kid for the haircut is to familiarize him with the experience. So, before getting his haircut, let him accompany you to the salon or barbershop. By watching you get a haircut, the idea that it is a pleasant experience manifests in his head so much that he will anticipate his turn to get his hair done.

3. Distract your kid during the haircut

Draw your child’s attention from the haircut. Note that the haircut is not painful; they cry because it is strange, the one doing it is strange, and they would rather be doing something fun like playing. 

You can distract your kid from what’s happening with her head by:

  • Bringing his best toys: As he fiddles with a familiar toy, he will not give much attention to his head. 
  • Allowing him to snack: Like is the case with toys, keep his hands busy with a snack, and he will be too distracted to mind what you are doing on his head. 
  • Facing him away from the mirror: Any toddler is likely to freak out when they see a trimmer or a pair of scissors running through their head. So, do not let him face the mirror. Let him face your familiar face.       
  • 4. Bring familiar faces

    A salon is a busy place with a lot of strange faces, which can be overwhelming and overly uncomfortable for your kid. Help the situation by bringing familiar faces. Maybe he likes daddy’s funny faces, grandpa’s stories, or big brother’s teasing. 

    5. Bring a change of clothes

    Unfortunately, the capes hairstylists use to keep hair clippings off your body and clothes might not fit a small human being. Or, your kid might refuse to wear it. You could try to convince him to wear it by telling him he will look for a superhero. 

    Therefore, go prepared with a change of clothes. Who enjoys having hair clippings down their backs? Definitely not an irritable toddler. 

    6. Take breathers

    How long do haircuts take? About 20 minutes, right? For the dad or big brother, that’s a short time. But for a toddler, that’s an eternity. 

    So, if you notice that he is getting cranky by the minute, take a break. During the break, bribe him to continue with the haircut by giving him some treats and allowing him to play a little. 

    7. Timing is vital

    Avoid taking your child for a haircut during times he is usually cranky. Most kids are cranky during their mealtimes and before and after napping. For the desired result, trim your kid’s hair during his free time; periods when he usually is not doing anything important. 

    Your kid’s first haircut is a memorable experience. That’s why most people keep a lock of the baby curls. Follow the tips shared above to make it a pleasant memory. 

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