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How to Clean Baby Toys

Baby toy cleaning tips

Toddlers and babies love to roam around. They like to crawl on the floor and throw their toys anywhere. They are the least concerned about the dirt or germs sticking on the toys after rolling them on the floor or walls. Even after that, they tend to put their toys and other things in their mouth. Also, if you try to stop them a thousand times, they are not going to listen to you and keep repeating this activity.

So, there is no other way than keeping the baby toys clean and disinfected. While many of these germs are harmless, some of the bacteria can spread sickness to your little one. Cold, flu, and some viral infections are common problems when it comes to babies. That’s why it is a good idea to maintain proper hygiene and clean the most favourite toys of your toddler from time to time. You can get some easy ideas on how to clean baby toys in this article.

Method 1: Water

Why complicate stuff if you can keep it simple? Water is all time favourite solution for cleaning issues. To clean baby toys with water is safe and not at all time-consuming. Plus, it can clean the majority of dust particles from the surface area. Keep the toys under the running water and scrub it by your clean hands. You can also boil the water and put baby toys in it. After some time, take them out and wipe with the clean cloth.

Method 2: Soap

Washing baby toys with soap and water is another simple way to prevent spreading viruses. Take the 1/4th amount of soap & warm water in a bucket and keep washing them for a few minutes. Plastic and wooden toys are safe to clean in soapy water, but electrical gadgets are not! If the toys have light or sound, then they are not safe to wash in water, even after removing the batteries. The toy may not work after the cleaning, so don’t try to clean electronic toys with soap and water.

Method 3: Eco-friendly Surface Cleaners

Not all surface cleaners or dishwashers are safe! Try to find environment-friendly cleaners, containing the least amount of harsh chemicals. Such cleaners include wipes and sprayable surface cleaners. These type of washers are safe for babies and do not harm them even if they come in direct contact.

If you are not sure about the reliable surface cleaners, always look for cleaners which do not contain any dye, phthalates and parabens. They must be biodegradable.

Method 4: Wipes

If you visit malls like Walmart, you can find an entire section dedicated to disinfectant surface wipes. Such wipes are incredibly safe to clean plastic and other toys containing batteries, lights, and sounds. You can use them on any toy which can’t be cleaned by the soap, water, dishwashers or sprayable surface cleaners. Also, cleaning the toy’s surface by wipes is an easy task.

Remove batteries if they are removable. Take out the wet wipe and rub it on the dirty or infected part of the toy. Let it dry for a few minutes. Insert batteries, and that’s it. The toy is ready to play again!

Method 5: Machine Wash

You may get confused about how you can clean stuffed animals and baby dolls. If you keep cleaning them without taking proper care, they might get ruined after some time. If you want to keep them safe, try to clean them in the washing machine with the cold water setting. Take a nylon bag or a zipper bag and put the toy in it. Wash it gently and have a dryer session for several minutes. Check for any loose eyes, buttons, or threads to ensure that it is still safe for your toddler.

These are the top five and most straightforward way to clean baby toys at home. Keeping everything clean is not easy. Sometimes it is impossible. But as a parent, you can not take any chance with your child’s safety. So keep your house clean, disinfect the toys, and maintain the hygiene to prevent sickness. Have a safe atmosphere and stay healthy, always!

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