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How To Select A Mattress For A Pregnant Woman

27 August 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Allison Staley in Parental Guidance

Selecting a mattress for a pregnant woman

Sleep is vital for the average (not pregnant) person. Now imagine how essential sleep would be for someone harbouring life or two in her belly. It is, however, unfortunate that it is common for expecting mothers to suffer from insomnia during such a delicate moment in their lives. 

A pregnant woman not being able to sleep can be attributed to a lot of factors. One of such factors is nausea, which she is likely to experience on a large scale during the early months of her pregnancy.

Sleep can be hard to come by during pregnancy

Nausea has been attributed to be the significant reason for sleepless nights during the pregnant woman’s first trimester. Leg cramps, heartburn and constipation, are other reasons why pregnant women have insomnia.

More importantly, the type of mattress an expecting mother uses go a long way in determining how much sleep she would be able to get at night.

The extra weight she is carrying around her middle region, in most cases, may not be adequately catered for by her typical regular mattress.

Thus, causing restless and sleepless nights.

Risks caused by lack of sleep

It is important to note that insomnia in pregnant women can be closely associated with an increased risk for preterm labour and delivery. Also, lack of sleep can be linked to the increased risk of prolonged and painful labour.

These statistics are not there to scare you. Instead, they are stated for you to see how critical supportive mattresses are to the pregnant woman and this article will educate you on the factors to consider to help you to select supportive mattresses for pregnant women.   

Here are some things to look out for a while trying to select a supportive mattress for pregnant women:

Temperature neutrality

Most pregnant women prefer a cooler sleep surface to warm sleep surfaces because of their increased metabolic rate. The most supportive mattresses for pregnant women in this aspect are the ones that retain less body heat. Support

This refers to how much a bed can provide an even and flat surface for someone.

The most supportive mattresses are the ones that help realign the spine. Thus, relieving pressure and pain in the shoulders, neck, lower back and hips.

Highly supportive mattresses are better for the pregnant woman because unsupportive mattresses sag in areas where there is a lot of weight centred, causing pain and pressure in sensitive areas of the body. Thus, causing insomnia!


This is very important when choosing the right type of mattress for a pregnant woman. Firmness, in the mattress industry, refers to how soft or how firm the mattress feels to the sleeper. The level of firmness preferred by each sleeper differs based on either their weight, sleeping position or both.

Physicians recommend that pregnant women sleep on their side. So, the preference for firmness for this category of people is majorly based on weight.

Expecting mothers who weigh less than 150 pounds often prefer softer mattresses than women who weigh up to 300 pounds. While a medium-firm bed would do for most pregnant women, some women might prefer some custom features on their bed.

This is why I recommend either the Helix or Casper mattresses. The Helix mattress is always designed according to the specifications of the buyer, while the Casper mattress comes only in medium-firm specifications.

This makes both mattresses suitable enough to be tagged supportive mattresses for pregnant women. You can read more about the Helix vs Casper bed reviews on SleepDelivered.


This refers to how a mattress fits the user’s profile when sleeping while giving extra support to all areas of the body.

This is important for pregnant women because it provides some extra support that she would need while carrying that massive bump on her belly. It is important to note, however, that some mattresses conform closely without offering equal support around all areas of the body.

This could cause more discomfort and increasing pressures. Therefore, it is crucial to find the best conforming mattress


There are so many health risks associated with insomnia in pregnant women. These risks do affect not only the mother but also the child in her belly. While one cannot eliminate sleepless nights during pregnancy, having a supportive mattress would go a long way in reducing them.

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