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7 Documents You Need When Selling A Car

08 November 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Alexe Chasanov in Petrol heads

Important documents needed to sell car

One of the essential steps that you need to take when you're selling your off your old car is to arrange the vital documents that you will need. Nobody likes dealing with paperwork; however, this is necessary paperwork that ensures that your transaction will be legal in the eyes of the law.

If this is your first time selling off your old car, then you might not know what the essential documents that you should have on hand are. On that note, below is a list of all the vital documents, but you should have on hand even before you sell your old car.

1. Valid warrant of fitness

One of the important documents that you need to have on hand when selling your old car is a valid warrant of fitness or WoF. Before you ever planned on selling your old car, you should have gotten your car regularly checked so that it meets the required safety standards.

However, even if your vehicle passes the warrant of a fitness test, it doesn't mean that you should stop checking your car until the next inspection. The warrant of fitness is a formality that is needed, especially when you're selling off your car, but you still need to maintain it regularly.

2. Complete MR13B form

According to Car Buyers, a platform for selling a car NZ based, state that before selling a vehicle, you need to fill out the MR13B form or the MR2A form. The MR2A form serves as the Certificate of Registration for the vehicle. On the other hand, the MR13B form is the Notice given to the person acquiring the motor vehicle.

To complete these forms, you will need to know what your Transport Agency customer number is, the details of your old car, the ID details of your buyer, and your name and address as the person registered with the car.

3. Change of ownership

An important step when it comes to selling your old car to somebody else is to ensure that there is an official change of ownership. If you don't do this part, then you will have to incur any fees or finds that the new owner of the car should have been responsible.

You can do this process online by only going to the New Zealand Transport Agency website. As mentioned before, the MR13A is the Certificate of Registration form that the seller should accomplish. The buyer, on the other hand, fulfils the MR13B.

4. Warranty documents

Knowing that the car that they're buying has a warranty will make for an appealing prospect to your buyers. Therefore before you sell off your old car, make sure that you give your new buyer the warranty documents for specific parts and areas of your vehicle.

Also, make sure that you contact your vehicle protection plan provider beforehand so that you know if there's anything that needs to be done so that you can transfer the protection plan contract to the new owner of your old car.

5. Proof of ownership

Before you're able to sell your old car, you have to be able to prove that you're the actual owner of the car. That way, the buyers will be comforted by the legality of your transaction. It ensures that nothing is amiss during the whole selling process.

The certificate of registration is not a legal title over a vehicle. It is merely a record of who is responsible for the vehicle. What you should provide instead is the sales contract and purchase receipt from when you bought the car.

6. Purchase receipts

Before you sell off your car, you need to make sure that both parties are protected. One way to ensure that is by managing the purchase receipts and creating a sales contract between each other.

You should make sure that all of the terms of the sale are laid out on the contract, even the details of the vehicle and the form of payment. You should also include the important documentation that will be given to them.

7. Maintenance records

A lot of people who sell their cars don't include the maintenance records, mostly for mysterious or perhaps even dubious reasons. However, having maintenance records will help interested buyers see the legitimacy of your car and have a better insight into the history of your vehicle.

Some buyers won't even buy a vehicle from you if you don't have maintenance records, so it's better to be safe than sorry and bring these out

Get your paperwork in order

You should prepare these documents listed above even before you find a buyer that is willing to buy your old car off of you. Preparing these documents beforehand ensures that the buying process will be much smoother, so you won't lose a customer or a buyer because of it.

Make sure that you keep these in a safe place so that you won't lose them. You must keep these on-hand because it will make your life easier, and it helps ensure that the responsibility for your old car is being passed onto someone else.

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