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What Are The Benefits Of Snow Goggles

24 December 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Shopaholics

Snow goggle benefits

If you have been in a snowstorm, or have gone skiing or snowboarding, you'll know that snow blindness is not a pleasant experience. The value of wearing high-quality ski goggles is essential for your safety and protection in these conditions.

A snowy environment, especially a mountainous one provides unusual conditions the eyes aren't suited towards handling. When it comes to light, wind and weather conditions, eyes can take damage. Sunlight reflecting against the snow can be too glaring for your eyes. In addition to that, UV rays can cause damage to your eyes and can cause cataracts with too much exposure.

Wearing sunglasses can provide UV protection; it is not meant to be worn for extreme sports such as snowboarding or skiing. Additionally, some people prefer more protection in harsh conditions.

If you're visiting a snowy area these holidays or the winter is coming your way soon, then here are five reasons why ski goggles are essential for winter sports and winter times.

1. Reduces glare

When walking in the snow, snowboarding or skiing, having clear visibility is essential to prevent injuring yourself. Using snow goggles with a specialized lens can help cut through the glare caused by snow.

There is a range of different options, but depending on the amount of light, it's safer to have a polarised or dark lens. They minimize reflected glare, so the wearer does not need to squint to see well.

If a primary dark lens isn't enough, you can opt for goggles with photochromic lenses are even better. They are light-sensitive and changes how they block light depending on the amount of sunlight present.

2. Increase in contrast

Contrast is vital in winter times and especially for sports since you are moving at high speeds. Having more contrast in your vision helps you see bumps and slopes ahead. Lens colours that can increase contrast include amber, brown or rose.

  • Amber lenses are suitable to wear under cloudy skies or during dimly lit times.
  • Brown lenses are the most versatile under different weather conditions. It can block a minimal portion of sunlight during hot, sunny weather, and it can also improve contrast. Brown lenses also filter blue light waves, thus, giving more clarity and depth to shades of green such as trees and bushes.
  • Rose-coloured lenses, on the other hand, are best worn during hazy and cloudy conditions.

3. Protection from gold and debris

Cold weather can cause eyes to become sore and irritated. In addition to that, snowboarding and skiing expose you to wind for prolonged periods which dries out eyes and can cause damage. Ski goggles protect your eyes by sealing the facial area so small particles, and the cold wind will not deter you from seeing your way. It also protects against falls and any debris that could try to damage your eyes.

4. Protection from accidents

Walking in snow can be tough while snow sports for beginners will mean you tend to fall over man times or land yourself in trouble that could lead to accidents. Snowboarding and skiing with a lack of control over speed and direction can cause you to hit branches and twigs, which may damage the eyes if not covered properly. Wearing snug-fitting ski goggles helps prevent further injury in these cases.

5. Never falls off

Winter sports are at high-speed activities, and doing so may cause clothing items to fall off easily if not properly secured. Wearing sunglasses may protect your eyes from UV rays, but it is not the best eye protection for quick movement sports like snowboarding.

What you need is a good pair of ski goggles since the frame is soft and can follow the contour of the face. The elastic strap must be thick enough to keep the goggles in place. The snow goggles should also be made from polycarbonate material.

Finally, also make sure you choose anti-fogging lenses.

6. UV protection

Snow-blindness happens when the cornea has been exposed to UV light for an extensive period. When the sun is shining bright, the light doesn't reflect as much because the terrain is covered in snow, so you cannot see well. Unlike sunglasses, they are oversized snow goggles protect a significant part of your face to prevent light from indirectly reaching your eyes. Cataracts and other similar eye diseases can occur if you do not use goggles when on the slopes.

7. Better fit

Goggles provide excellent all-around protection and a superior fit and can be combined with other protective gear like a ski helmet.

8. Stay warm

Ski goggles insulate your face against extreme cold and provide a shield for oncoming frigid winter air. Snow goggles do have vents to prevent fogging – the foam padding, size of the frame and large area of lens block wind and snow from reaching your eyes.

The insulated gap that sits between your face and the outside world keeps your face & eyes at a more comfortable temperature and keeps your face at a comfortable temperature.

Picking your snow gear

Choosing eye gear for winter sports is all about opting for maximum safety and precaution. In this type of extreme sport, vision is the most critical element. If you cannot achieve a 100% clear vision could land you in danger. NOw that you know more about snow goggles, make sure you pick the one right for your uses and environment.

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