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10 South African Sites Selling Essentials Online

07 April 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Shopaholics

Buying essential groceries online in South Africa

As the nationwide lockdown continues, many of us have found out that our panic buying was not enough and man cannot live on toilet paper alone. Our bathroom duties may be covered, but what about the kitchen cupboards? The social isolation we're now under can be broken to head off to your closest stores to grab a few essential items, but it doesn't mean the Spar around the corner or the woollies down the road is going to have what you're looking for or need specifically.

To provide us with some online relief stores with websites have now been allowed to start selling, shipping and delivering "essential goods".

Buying non-essential goods

You may think since it's an online store you should have access to more than essentials and you'd be right in thinking you can create shopping lists, wish lists, baskets and even pay for these items but they will not be delivered during the lockdown. You can try to get cute and slip in non-essential goods, but your basket will be split, and non-essential goods will only be delivered once the lockdown has been lifted by the South African government.

Keep calm and be patient

Just a heads up, many stores are experiencing shipping delays or stock issues so be thoughtful about when you place your orders, and only buy what you need and don't expect to be able to do your monthly groceries online. This is more of an additional lifeline than a full-on digital shopping mall experience, but we hope it helps fill the gaps in your pantry. You will also need to remember that delivery and support staff are also kept to a minimum so you cannot bombard sites with queries as we would otherwise do, so try to Netflix and chill out till your goodies arrive.

Online stores ready to ship groceries and essentials during the South Africa lockdown are as follows:

1. Faithful to nature

Faithful to nature is a health and wellness site that offers both food and household products available for purchase and delivery during the national lockdown. Product categories you're able to purchase from during the time shut down are: Health products and supplements, Household disinfectants and cleaning aids, Personal hygiene products, Pantry staples, Pet foods and health care, Compost and growing seeds, School and home-office stationery supplies.

Visit the site: https://www.faithful-to-nature.co.za/customer-support/coronavirus

2. Jumia

Jumia South Africa is a relatively new name when it comes to eCommerce in our country. Still, the African online powerhouse has taken little time to adapt to the current climate. They've re merchandised their entire site to promote items that can be purchased and delivered during the lockdown, so you don't have to search too far to find what you need.

Visit the site: https://www.jumia.co.za/

3. Loot

Loot is one of South Africa's oldest online retailers and has recently launched its essentials category and stocked it to the brim with as many applicable items as possible. You'll be able to select from lockdown basics to household cleaning items, pet products, food and even beverages.

Visit the site: https://www.loot.co.za/browse/essentials?cat=vtr

4. Makro

South Africa's favourite wholesaler and place where you're most likely to overspend when walking through the aisles has also stepped up its game during the lockdown and launched a home essentials category. They've not only curated items you're allowed to order for delivery but also discounted a few products to help South Africans make their money go a little bit further during these trying times.

Visit the site: https://www.makro.co.za/home-essentials#Banner

5. Netflorist

Traditionally a digital florist and gifting website, Netflorisst has gone above and beyond when it comes to stocking up on groceries and essentials during this time and has even launched a groceries section on their site to assist in providing South Africans with goods during the lockdown.

Visit the site: https://www.netflorist.co.za/groceries.htm

6. Pick n Pay

Pick 'n Pay has made products available for purchase online during lockdown but have had to add additional measures due to managing of demand. For example, have limits placed on them to ensure as many customers as possible have access to the stock of essentials. They have also increased hygiene measures for our distribution centres and delivery partners and implemented no-contact deliveries.

Visit the site: https://www.pnp.co.za/coronavirus

7. Pimp My Pantry

Pimp my Pantry offers some artisanal food items along with a few essentials that can be delivered during the lockdown. So if you're looking to spice up your mealtimes or change up a few dishes, you may want to check out their selection of products.

Visit the site: https://pimpmypantry.co.za/collections/the-essentials

8. TakeAlot

You wouldn't expect South Africa's largest eCommerce store to sit around and not set up shop during a time of crisis, would you? TakeAlot has by far one of the largest ranges when it comes to essentials covering food, personal care and hygiene, health products and medicine. They've seven put together a curated shop with all available essentials to make it easier for shoppers to find goods that qualify for delivery under the lockdown regulations.

Visit the site: https://www.takealot.com/promotion/monthlyessentials

9. Woolworths

Woollies has confirmed that they are taking food orders online but that just like the stores, it's hard to manage the demand of South Africans looking to secure the bag. Delivery slots are being filled to capacity, and they are working on improved load handling while balancing staff and client safety concerns. So spare a thought for the logistics teams while you wait for your orders of low carb goodies.

Visit the site: https://www.woolworths.co.za/corporate/cmp211165

10. Yuppie Chef

Yuppie Chef is traditionally focused on kitchen and bakeware but has had a few food items on its digital shelves and has decided to beef up its stocks during this time to try and provide its loyal shoppers with a few more options.

Visit the site: https://www.yuppiechef.com/essential-goods.htm

Stay safe and stay calm

We're all handling the lockdown in our own way and while some have the luxury of personal transport or access to the shops or brands we prefer and online stores help make it a tiny bit more bearable.

Have a hot tip for us?

If you have any online stores that you know of, that are able to deliver essentials and should be featured on this list, let us know in the comments section down below or contact us directly.

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