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Where to Buy the Funkiest Socks in South Africa

01 April 2019 | 1 comments | Posted by Shamima Ahmed in Fashionista

best sock subscriptions south africa

If you haven't heard sock game is a real thing. Long gone are the days where we stick to neutrals and blacks, and your socks don't need to match your pants? Your Grandma? Well tell Granny school is out and we trading-in the drab white and grey shades and letting our imagination run wild!

The Brave New Sock Culture

Fashion has always been a way of expressing oneself through dress, but socks have never been a big part of it until recent years. Over the past couple of years, we have seen a growing trend in bold new prints and colours. Socks are now making flashy statements and are often the most eye-catching part of an ensemble. Woman have so many accessory options to compliment their outfits and now men can finally have fun playing around with their most staple accessories. 

Keep your Sock Game Fresh with a Monthly Subscription

If socks are your thing, you know it takes time and effort searching for awesome new prints. There are numerous sites online stocking the funkiest pairs of socks, but its still a repetitive task making a purchase every now and then. We know you want constantly want to replenish your sock collection with fresh new prints regularly, a and this is why sock subscriptions make so much sense. 

Subscribe to one of these monthly subscriptions and these guys will deliver straight to your door. All these brands are proudly South African; local means you don't have to deal with annoying shipping complications. Take your pick and minimise the admin in your life!

Disclaimer: The brands below are listed in random order. All information was correct at the time of publication.

6 South African Sock Subscription Sites to Keep Your Sock Game Strong

1. Nic Harry

Made for: Men & Women

Nic Harry specialises in high-quality socks made from the finest bamboo fabrics. Focusing on both Men's and Woman's socks they have a variety of prints that's guaranteed to keep your sock game strong!

Visit their site: https://nicharry.com/pages/sock-subscriptions

2. Man i fest

Made for: Men

Man i fest offers sock subscription boxes from R149 a month which helps you save up to 10%. Surprise yourself with randomly selected socks delivered straight to your door and be the first to wear their newest designs.

Visit their site: http://man-i-fest.co.za/shop/467-sock-subscription.html

3. The Deer Factory

Made for: Men 

The Deer Factory don't sell deer at all! How disappointing right? But they do deliver fresh socks straight to your door! Monthly subscriptions start at about R150!

Visit their site: https://thedeerfactory.com/products/monthly-subscription

4. Sexy Socks

Made for: Men 

The idea for Sexy Socks was born at a time when boring socks were still the norm, and to show any spunk in your socks was considered too outrageous for most. They have now been heating up the SouthAfrican sock game since 2014. What makes them even sexier is their big heart, for every pair of Sexy Socks bought, they donate a pair of school socks to a child in one of South Africa’s township schools.

Visit their site: https://sexysockssa.com/product-category/subscriptions

5.SockBox SA

Made for: Men 

Sign up for a subscription with SockBox SA and once a month they will deliver a pair of random, colourful and very awesome socks to your door. They believe their subscriptions are perfect for anyone who loves the underrated joy socks bring to one's life.

Visit their site: https://sockbox.co.za/

4 Sites With No Subscriptions Just Awesome Socks

These sites don't do subscription boxes but they some wild prints in stock, so we thought they deserved an honorary mention.

1. Socks For Africa

Made for: Men, Women & Kids

Socks For Africa stock a huge variety of socks that you love, want and need! From thigh-highs to school socks, stripes an spots to paisley and plain, they all about sock love!

Visit their site: https://www.socksforafrica.co.za/

2. ToePorn

Made for: Men

ToePorn prides themselves in taking the day-to-day mundane routine of sock wearing and turn it around by combining a mixture of bright colours and bold designs with an edgy attitude. If you fancy yourself a ToePorn rebel check them out on the link below.

Visit their site: https://www.toeporn.co.za/

3. Sock Shop

Made for: Men 

Online based sock shop aims to bring you the funkiest socks at the best prices. Choose your favourite colour or design and get shopping on this easy to use site.

Visit their site: https://sockshop.co.za/

4. FEAT. sock co.

Made for: Men, Women's & Kids

FEAT. sock co. like to think of themselves as a playful, designer sock brand for sock lovers and dreamers alike. they bring a range of fresh and funky socks to the South African market with a range of prints for all ages!

Visit their site: https://www.featsockco.com/

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