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The Importance of Store Cleanliness

25 February 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Branka Virily in Shopaholics

Why a clean store is important

In the modern world of business, there are many different challenges to overcome. From profit margins and product development to recruitment, marketing and everything in between, organisations worldwide must keep plenty of plates spinning if they are to remain successful.

The above are complex business concerns, but for those retailers with a high-street presence. There are also more fundamental issues that can have a significant say in the performance and reputation of the company.

Cleanliness may not be near the top of every CEO’s list of priorities, but perhaps it should be. A bricks-and-mortar store offers the public an insight into how a business operates and can leave a lasting impression on the consumer.

The majority of us expect to walk into a spotless store – especially during the Covid era –

  • but why exactly is it so important?
  • How can businesses ensure their high-street locations stay spick and span?

Why is cleanliness so crucial?

First impressions

You know what they say – you only get one chance to leave an excellent first impression, so you’ve got to make it count. If a customer walks into a store and finds it well below the level of cleanliness they would expect, they may not ever return. What’s more, they’re likely to tell friends and family about what they saw, which can cause significant reputational damage to the business.

The Covid factor

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, cleanliness is now more critical than ever. The virus can be spread by contact with contaminated surfaces, so it’s vital that retailers ensure all guidelines are being adhered to and that frequent sanitisation protocols are being followed.

Quality of goods

A build-up of dirt and dust or the occurrence of leaks and accidental spillages could also start to affect the quality of the products in the store. This, in turn, may mean some items have to be pulled from the shelves and disposed of, which will harm the profitability of any business.

Health and safety

The wellbeing of all customers and staff should be a top priority, and an unclean store could place that in jeopardy. For example, puddles of water, if not attended to, can cause a significant slip hazard which will endanger the health of any individual on the premises as well as leave the company open to potential legal action.

How can cleanliness be maintained?

Regular checks

As part of their working practices, businesses should ask their employees to conduct regular assessments of the state of the store throughout the day. This way, any potential issues can soon be spotted and rectified before they become a larger problem.


All stores need to have the appropriate tools and equipment on-site to maintain that regular upkeep. From vacuum cleaners and bin liners to paper towels and mops, provision needs to be made so that any clean-up tasks can be completed without delay.

Staff training

All employees should also receive regular training on the standards that are expected of them to keep the store in pristine condition. This should include guidance on how frequently staff should be undertaking checks, as well as how to deal with certain situations when they arise.

After-hours cleaning

Businesses should enlist the services of after-hours cleaners to keep things looking spick and span after closing time. This will ensure the store looks spotless as soon as it is opened the next morning, helping to create a good impression and set the tone for what will hopefully be a positive and profitable day of trade.

A clean bill of goods

Store cleanliness is essential, not only for the protection of your customers but your for the protection of your brand and future revenue.

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