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6 Practices That Help Avoid Boredom While Working

06 June 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Shane Naranjo in Talent Agents

How to avoid a boring work environment

Whether you work as an agent in a Philippine Call Center or as a CEO of a large company, everyone feels bored during work every once in a while. Over time, the routine of heading to the office and doing the same tasks over and over can seem endlessly dull. However, it is possible not to feel this way. Staying engaged and interested in work leads to more motivation and productivity, making it essential to keep the boredom at bay.

Here are some practices you can try to avoid boredom while at work.

1. Make your workspace less boring

It is true that our surroundings and work environment has a significant impact on our mood. For instance, being in a dull grey cubicle all day can increase feelings of boredom and sadness. One way to make your workspace less annoying is to put up decorations, from framed photographs of friends and family to small plants.

Adding colour and light to your workspace will make a big difference in keeping you motivated at work. Moreover, one tip is to decorate the office with blues, yellows, and other bright colours to boost both mood and productivity.

2. Take on new responsibilities

Another way to combat boredom is to change up your routine as often as possible. You can do this by offering to take on new responsibilities, trading tasks with co-workers, starting a new work-related project, and more. Do not think of it as a burden that adds to your already heavy workload.

Instead, taking on new responsibilities provides excellent opportunities to show off some of your other skills or learn some new ones. You can also put extra effort into your current projects and aim to go beyond expectations. This will help keep you motivated and, as a bonus, stay on your boss’s good side.

3. Pursue a hobby

Another way you can avoid boredom is to pursue a hobby that you can bring with you to work. Having a hobby that you can do during breaks can help you relax and feel refreshed once you get back to work. This hobby can be anything you enjoy, from reading novels to knitting or sewing.

Another idea is to create DIY projects that can be turned into office decor. Nonetheless, remember that this hobby should not wholly distract you while at work.

4. Get moving throughout the day

Whenever you feel bored and moody during work, chances are these are signs that you need to get your body moving. Try spending your break getting fresh air and taking a walk outside. You could also do quick and simple exercises or stretches throughout the day.

This will help get you out of your chair every once in a while and wake you up on particularly slow days. It is widely known that exercise does wonders for your mood, so incorporating as much exercise as you can into your daily routine will help immensely in combating boredom.

5. Get enough rest

A lot of the time, the reasons why you feel bored have nothing to do with your actual work. Instead, it is possible that you are just so tired that you cannot bring yourself to be motivated at work. This can be from constant lack of sleep, working overtime for a long period, or whatever reason. Get enough sleep during weekdays to have enough energy for the days ahead.

If the reason you are exhausted has to do with your workload or schedule, make sure to let your boss know. It does not help anybody when employees are too tired to be productive. Thus, make sure to get enough sleep regularly.

6. Take on a 30-day challenge

Another way to keep your days interesting is to take on a 30-day challenge. If you feel as though you have nothing exciting going on in work, this will give you something to look forward to in your everyday routine.

A 30-day challenge can be anything from achieving a fitness goal to learning a new language in a month. Moreover, this challenge does not necessarily have to be huge or life-changing and can be simple as waking up at 7:00 am or eating vegetables every day.

One tip for choosing a 30-day challenge is to determine which aspects of your life you wish to improve. By turning it into a challenge, you increase your motivation actually to accomplish your goals. It is also an enjoyable way to change up your routine and train yourself to have healthful habits.

Key Takeaway

It takes effort to avoid boredom and keep yourself motivated and interested in what you do. The key is to switch up your routine and make sure that you always have something to look forward to doing. By doing so, you will never feel bored or demotivated at work.

About the author

Shane Naranjo is a freelance writer who has a broad knowledge of digital marketing. She worked with multiple brands in the past and now she's pursuing her passion in writing. She can be found crying over a sad book on the weekends and in front of her laptop on weekdays.

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