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7 Workplace Communications Errors and How to Avoid Them

21 June 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Cathy Baylis in Talent Agents

Workplace communication mistakes

Internal communication is a critical aspect of professional performance. You can have the best group of employees, but it will only get you so far if they don’t share and exchange news, information, and business ideas. Your job as the manager is to ensure smooth and effortless communication inside the organization.

However, years of experience have taught us that many business leaders keep making the same mistakes communication-wise. These are small but very unfortunate blunders that can slow down and even jeopardize the functioning of your business.

This is exactly why it’s important to get acquainted with frequent mistakes and learn how to deal with them. In this post, we will discuss seven workplace communication errors and show you how to avoid them.

1. Fail to Define Duties and Objectives

The first mistake seems way too obvious, but it is surprisingly frequent. Namely, lots of managers fail to define tasks and goals for each member of the team separately. This often leads to confusion and misinterpretations, while the end result comes in the form or decreased efficiency. But the solution is simple as you only need to be more precise and state your demands more clearly.

2. You Don’t Listen to Your Colleagues

Another common workplace communication problem is to neglect colleagues. Instead of asking and listening to their feedback, some managers only focus on their own thoughts and opinions, thus causing terrible underperformance.

According to the study, almost 70% of employees say they would work harder if they were better appreciated and recognized. It’s a clear sign that you need to be a better listener and allow your subordinates to express their opinions – it will benefit the entire organization.

3. Avoiding Difficult Conversations

No business can run flawlessly 100% of the time, but it’s your duty to discuss possible difficulties and solve the problems. And if you fail to do so, it will turn out to be a genuine burden in the long-term perspective. Don’t hide the problem and pretend it’s not there. Instead, make sure to discuss it with your colleague's face to face and find the right solution as soon as possible.

4. Reacting Instead of Responding

This problem goes hand in hand with the previous one. Managers who do face problems often tend to react to bad news instead of responding. What does it mean? It means you should not behave too emotionally, but rather try to analyze the issue and find a practical solution. Passion and emotions are excellent business drivers, but you can’t let them overwhelm you easily.

5. You Don’t Prepare Well

The worst thing an employee or a manager can do is to go to a meeting unprepared. A report reveals that more than 70% of employees do other work during company meetings. This is a staggering figure and you should definitely prevent it from happening in your company. The only way to do so is by preparing well for each meeting and presenting only the most relevant information, statistics, examples, and tasks.

6. Overload Workers with Too Much Information

Information overload is yet another highly frequent mistake in workplace communication. You can’t expect people to remember dozens of new tasks or duties at once. The best option is to divide projects into smaller tasks and let the colleagues do everything gradually.

7. Not Using Collaboration Tools

Modern organizations rely on collaboration tools to improve performance, so it would be a big mistake not to use one of these platforms. According to the study, improved communication and collaboration through social technologies could raise the productivity of workers by up to 25%. In such circumstances, we strongly recommend you to test agile project management tools like Jira or Trello – they could improve the overall functioning of your team rather quickly.


Good workplace communication can elevate your company to the whole new level of efficiency, but it can also ruin your business hopes in case you neglect it. Therefore, you need to be careful and embrace state of the art principles of internal collaboration. We showed you how to deal with seven workplace communication errors, so make sure to use our suggestions in your daily work.

About the author

Cathy Baylis is a human resource manager at https://www.essayservicesreviewsclub.com/ and a part-time content creator at UK essays and Aussie writings. Cathy specializes in career growth, leadership, and education. She loves sharing her interests with readers, and she has something to say, for sure.

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