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5 Practical Tips To Get Paid To Write

30 August 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Natalie Crawford in Temping

how to get paid writing jobs

Writers are making a fortune writing online. However, it is not as easy as it sounds to earn a living while writing online. You have to choose a niche like edit papers for money, proofreading, or being a research assistant, among others. It is your actions online that will determine your level of success. Here are practical tips that will guarantee a decent income online.

1. Be an excellent writer

Clients are looking for the best writers online. These are professionals who understand instructions, meet deadlines, and produce articles or scripts that are free of errors. A course in writing may be of help in your quest to be a professional writer online. Beyond the course, you should take up numerous projects to gain the level of experience necessary to become a top-grade writer.

Try different genres of writing to test your skills and identify your area of mastery. It takes a while and several trials to know the area you can excel in best. You should also be passionate about writing to help you create insightful scripts.

The writing industry is extremely competitive. You will only survive and earn a decent amount by being a top talent.

2. Register on multiple websites

Numerous websites are offering writing-related jobs online. You are allowed to register on as many sites as possible to enhance your chances of getting hired. Each website provides a different kind of writing, an aspect that serves various writing specialists.

Though you might register on different sites, you should choose the platforms that offer the best value for your time. The amount of work available on various platforms will also vary throughout the year. In case one platform does not have a lot of work, the other will help you maintain the earning momentum.

Should you need a list of websites suited to writing jobs check our sites like

3. Ask for referrals

A satisfied customer will always bring a friend or associate along. Ask the customers you have served to recommend their friends and associates who need similar services. You’ll earn quality returns without bearing the cost of advertising.

4. Create a captivating online profile

The profile of a professional writer will attract generic clients. Clients are looking for quality writers every day online. They will not go to writing websites because of the protocol involved.

They want freelancers who are more comfortable to engage and more affordable. Without a profile, no one will ever know that you offer writing services. Include your contacts and a few samples of your work. It helps you produce better quality work.

5. Understand how to avoid scams online

While you are a good writer, you may lose all your earnings through online scams. Successful writers know the common scams targeting writers and how to avoid them.

Insist on the client setting and funding milestones for all your projects. Only accept to be paid through legitimate channels to keep away from phishing sites. Always have a written contract when engaging a client.

Such measures will help you to safeguard your hard-earned money.

Target the clients paying a reasonable amount and also providing consistent work. Learn about different writing styles and needs to expand your earning capacity. A writer who provides quality services will always rake in handsome returns.

About the author

Natalie Crawford is a seasoned online writer who has made a name and a fortune online. He now focuses on teaching people how to be good writers and also earn online. When he is not writing, he reads about the best writers of all time.

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