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The Role of AI In The Future of Education

27 August 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Senorita Gomez in Academia

How AI will change education in the future

Artificial Intelligence has the power to provide huge potential for machines. AI will enable machines to act upon the happening of a particular event in a manner in which an intelligent human would have acted upon in a similar situation or even with better precision.

The application of AI has broadened over the last thirty years. It has moved beyond a simple CCTV camera to an automated parking system which does not require any involvement of human being. Narrow AI has become increasingly smarter and its applications are starting to reach new industries.

As a society, we realise education is key to the improvement of the species and with the emergence of AI technology, the education sector will undergo radical changes.

As per Kevin Nelson, who is a professional educator, the future of the education sector seems to be bright with the incorporation of the AI, which I am going to discuss with you below. 

Customised learning 

In the future of education, you will find that every student will have their robots in their school life, which will act as their helper.

Every robot will be updated with all the lessons given to a particular student. These personal assistants will then work as their tutor of these students providing help on demand.

Such robots will establish a deep connection with these students and will instil knowledge in them in a more effective manner. You will find that such a constant relationship between the students and the robots has got a very bright future of education in store for us.   

Teacher’s helping hand 

We usually find that a particular teacher is overburdened with additional sets of responsibilities other than their teaching tasks.

Due to the implementation of AI in the education industry, administrative functions like the allocation of grades to the students could be performed by robots.

Thus acting as a helping hand for the teachers and reducing their total amount of work. In this manner, the teachers would be able to devote a significant amount of time on teaching their students and will also be able to concentrate on themselves. 

Teaching the educators

Shortly, you will also find that a teacher would be able to attain any data and that even in a detailed manner at any point of time due to the implementation of the AI in the educational industry.

In this manner, a teacher would be able to attain an essential level of information and continue pursuing their education along with the knowledge of their pupils.

In this manner, the educators will also be able to learn various foreign languages and multiple other programming languages. 

Increasing the links

Since the AI works through a computer platform you also find that various schools around the world would be able to associate with each other. There would also be mutual understandings between different schools, and the level of knowledge of the students and teachers will also tend to enhance. 


Soon, you will also find that the students will be able to witness the current happenings of the world in a real period.

Due to the implementation of the AI, you will also be able to record things happening around the world as soon as its occurrence without any delay.

In this manner, even the changes made in the school syllabus could be incorporated at any point of time in the most effective way. Students will be able to attain constant notifications on the changes in their curriculum. 

Long term education

Soon, you will also find that all the students will carry their robots based on AI, which in turn will make the work responsibilities of these students much more manageable.

Due to the implementation of the AI in the education industry, you will find that Google will also become outdated soon. The students will attain all their educational information from robots. 

However, a considerable amount of consideration should be given to the permissibility of the robots, and their appropriate functional limits should be managed accordingly.    

About the Author

Senorita Gomez is a content writer at Cyberschool Manager by passion. CSM provides various school Management software to better in the education sector. I love writing stories, editing photos, videos, acting and drama. 

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