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How Analytics Can Improve A Student Success

25 January 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Stacy Johnna in Academia

Using analytics to improve student sucess

In times where colleges and education institutions are desperate to find new ways to improve student success, analytics has become an effective solution. The fact that good grades are not equal to student success makes the idea a lot more elaborate than it seems.

Student success is not, and has never been a piece of cake to master and the use of analytics in the field has proven to be quite helpful. In the following article, we will be looking at some exciting stuff about analytics and improving student success.

How can analytics be used to improve student success?

Analytics can bring about great results if appropriately implemented. Here are a few ways analytics can be used for improving student success.

Reaching the needs of students

As soon as a student is on college grounds, the complete concentration of the college shifts. All focus is geared toward ensuring that the student is getting enough help to progress towards their graduation. The use of analytics helps in scheduling sections of classes and the faculty to meet the student needs.

It is also helpful in identifying which students are near completion and which are eligible to be auto-graduated.

The use of analytics proves to be essential for taking courses like computing resources, budgets, enrollment forecasts into consideration. Analytics has given a significant amount of help in reaching the needs of students on campus grounds.

Improving student retention

The journey from enrollment to graduation is not a clear path and includes many issues that will have to be resolved. To give students enough guidance about the ups and downs of the college career, the student retention personnel has to be provided with accurate and enough information. Providing accurate and sufficient information is helpful for the identification of students that are at risk.

The information needed to be provided with the total students from each major that were retained and were the significant attrition comes from. When the area of big attrition is discovered, education institutions can make changes in their programs to help reduce it.

Analytics play a significant role in the identification of students that are having issues to guide them and also make measures of the outcome to be able to ensure the effectiveness of the program.

Compiling data on the best ways for learning and teaching

Identification of the best practices to teach and learn is among the biggest challenges faced by education institutions. To create the best practices for carrying out the process of learning and teaching, analytics has become the choice for many educational institutions.

Now, you may ask, why is it important to have a fixed practice?

Well, having the best and a fixed practice for learning and teaching has many benefits and also allows the teachers to deliver the results of tests faster than usual.

What is the use of analytics in education?

All of the chaos of information on the internet about the use of analytics for student success boils down to one question, what is the use of analytics in education? Here’s an answer to the question. To answer your question simply, we have compiled three primary benefits of analytics in education.

Ability to monitor measure and respond

The use of analytics gives the educator a chance to know how a student learns to adapt to a different teaching style before delivering the final grade. This is a good advantage because it gives educators a chance to understand and reach out to the needs of various types of students.

Compatible learning

When there is access to lectures, teachers, and records, it becomes easier to identify the student learning gaps. As the learning gaps are identified, the academic models can be customised to fit how students learn. Because there is frequent feedback, the educators can effectively perform changes to give a well-rounded learning experience for the students.

As per a data analyst from Testquestions.org,

“The use of analytics is not only useful for students but also helps educators in moulding their methods to give a better learning experience.”

A personalised learning experience

Each student is different when it comes to the level of fundamental knowledge, and additional courses attract students with varying levels of essential experience. When analytics is used to understand the areas where a particular student is excelling or suffering, effective measures can be taken to give different students a different starting material.

If the learning experience is personalised for every student, it increases the interest in students to learn. When there is increased interest in the process of learning, it, in turn, leads to an improvement in grades. As both grades and knowledge meet, the chances for student success also become higher.

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