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5 Practical Tips on How to Conclude an Essay

10 February 2020 | 1 comments | Posted by Sergey in Academia

Practical tips to write a conclusion for your essay

Students write different types of academic assignments. Commonly, they are assigned to write some essays. There are many types of them, and each has its specific purpose and other peculiarities. In the meanwhile, certain similarities unite all essay types. These are the introduction, main body, and conclusion. Each is specific after its fashion. A determination is an inevitable part of every writer, and it has a clear purpose to "wrap everything up".

Unfortunately, many students fail to conclude correctly. Our experts want to help students who struggle with the ending of their essays. They believe that the first step to a solution to any problem is realization. It would help if you understood what a conclusion means. Even if you know its definition perfectly, review it again to make sure you know its purpose correctly.

A conclusion in an essay summarizes the entire research. It's a short paragraph, which commonly consists of 3-5 sentences. You should highlight the main points mentioned in the introduction and especially in the main body. It demonstrates to your audience that you have accomplished your research. Often, it is nothing but a thesis statement that is rewritten with other words.

1. Use the introduction as a guide

Use the introductory section as a guide for the final chapter of your essay. Although the introduction is opposite to the conclusion, both sections are related to one another. Remember that your conclusion should be contrary to the introduction. The introductory part goes from general to specific. The conclusion begins specific and moves to the general.

2. Know what to conclude

Many students fail to write an appropriate conclusion because they don't know what to add or how to deliver it. Therefore, we have prepared several essential points. These are: Obligatorily summarize what was mentioned in the thesis statement. Rewrite the thesis using other words and don't change the meaning. Never write new ideas. This is a logical ending. Highlight the main body. You should likewise highlight the most important points mentioned in the body paragraphs. Involve the topic. Your conclusion must be related to the central idea.

3. Use a strong quote

Sometimes, it's worth using a quote. This method is not always used and required. However, it would help if you used it from time to time. Mind that the quotation you intend to use must be related to your topic and fully reflect your own opinion. Don't use a random quotation to quote a famous person.

4. Revise your conclusion

One of the most hateful things about writing essays is to revise them. Many students hate this stage because it's too dull. Nevertheless, it's imperative because when you review, you may spot many grammatical and spelling mistakes. Although the conclusion is a short paragraph, there are no guarantees you won't make mistakes. Besides, logical errors are your greatest enemies.

Frequently, students wrote grammatically perfect sentences, but the value of their conclusion was blurred. Perhaps it doesn't sound natural or goes your topic astray. You ought to be cautious and analyze it from different angles. Make sure it fully reflects your viewpoint; it is easy to understand and summarizes what was mentioned in the previous sections.

5. Read useful literature

Sometimes, students cannot succeed with their writing on their own and so, need the help of educated professors or reliable essay writers. One method of improving your writing that is often overlooked is reading other literature. There are multiple books, which are written by skilled and famous authors that will show you how to complete every stage of writing, and the conclusion is no exception.

There are several books dedicated to helping you improve your writing with different guides and tutorials. If you're looking for a few solid references then these four titles will do wonders for your writing. 

  1. "A Professor's Guide to Writing Essays". It's written by Dr Jacob Neumann. The professor offers a non-standard approach. He doesn't focus on the standards of writing. He provides a plan of how students should approach essay writing. You'll find a section, which tells about effective concluding.
  2. "Writing Essays For Dummies". Composed by two witty women, this book serves as a guide for the beginners in the art of essay writing. You'll find clear and easy examples of how to conclude effectively.
  3. "Essay Becomes Easy". This is a full guide on essay writing. It includes 14 great samples of essays. You will likewise find a step-by-step guide to complete the conclusion initially and appropriately.
  4. "How To Write Any High School Essay": The Essential Guide. It's a useful guide for writing excellent high school essays. You'll find lots of efficacious examples and prompts to conclude correctly.

Read any of these books because they are written by educated and experienced authors. They know everything about the art of writing essays and their main sections. You'll obligatorily find lots of useful tips to write a meaningful conclusion. Besides, you should consider other points highlighted in our article. They are universal and suit any essay type.

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