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4 Benefits of A Pad Locked TV Mount

29 December 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Alarming

Pad locked TV mount benefits

Purchasing a TV for your home has become standard practice with us regularly upgrading to keep up with the times. Since the introduction of high definition television screens, we've seen them become slimmer, and the visuals have drastically improved.

Homeowners now get to select from LCD, LED, OLDED, 4K, Smart TVs and many more options which can become very pricey and a sizable investment you wouldn't want to be damaged or stolen.

When setting up your new flat-screen TV in your bedroom, lounge or entertainment area, you may want to consider mounting it to the wall. Today's TVs are slimmer and lighter than ever, and virtually all of them feature standardised mounting holes called VESA patterns that ensure compatibility with various TV mounts.

Taking advantage of these pre-established mounting holes is a safe and secure way to get more out of your TV and brings in a few benefits.

1. It saves space

When you mount your TV to the wall, you gain a sizeable amount of floor space that would otherwise be taken up by a TV stand or media cabinet. This gives your entertainment area a cleaner, less cluttered atmosphere, and is especially beneficial for people living in small apartments, condos, and tiny homes.

Having the TV mounted also makes it easier to clean and fewer surfaces to dust, saving you time on having to clear off and wipe down an additional cabinet for every TV placement.

2. Viewing angles

Depending on the size of the room or layout of the area where your TV is set up, you'll want to ensure it is visible from multiple viewing angles. To achieve this, use a full-motion TV mount to give you the freedom and flexibility to position your TV anywhere you want it.

Some TV mounts offer an extension, swivel, and tilt capabilities; a full-motion mount will help to reduce glare, improve line-of-sight, and even give you the ability to watch TV from other rooms or areas from the room.

These swivel mounts provide added versatility where you can set up a standard viewing angle you use daily for yourself and another angel for when you're entertaining guests.

3 Safety

Today's TVs are more susceptible to tipping over and having them unsecured can pose a risk to children and pets. Having your TV mounted on the wall will give you peace of mind by keeping your TV out of arm's reach of children or any silly mishaps that could see you damaging your TV and eliminates any dangers of it falling over.

4. Theft

The televisions are part of the top 10 most-stolen items during a home invasion. Modern televisions are attractive for thieves because they're expensive and relatively easy to carry. You can actually lock your TV to the wall mount to prevent burglars and thieves from easily running away with it by opting for one with a padlock feature.

Some consumers have attempted to modify a bike lock to serve this purpose, but if your mount does not have a padlock feature, you can purchase a kit that can augment your mounting.

How it works

  • Screw a heavy-duty cable (similar to those on bike locks) into the back of your TV.
  • Add access caps over the screws to prevent a thief from simply unscrewing the cable from your TV.
  • Lock the cable loops ends together with a padlock, securing the TV to the wall mount.

Bonus tip: Place an asset protection device on the television

Asset protection devices are small electronics that attach to your valuables and trigger your security alarm the protected item is moved. When attached to your television, they have two main benefits:

  1. It helps your monitoring station (and you) know the alarm isn't just a false alarm. It confirms that someone has broken into your home. This can lead to faster response times by authorities.
  2. It protects the TV from someone who already has access to your home (like a housekeeper, pet sitter, etc.).

Keep your valuables secure

Home break-ins are a terrible thing to think about, but it is important to prepare for any sort of situation. The harder you make it for criminals by adding more layers of protection, the more time it takes to walk away with your valuables. While you cannot stop a smart and determined criminal, you can make it harder for them and may even encourage them to give up if they aren't prepared for all your layers of security.

Start by shopping local

Support your local security service provider and find local vendors in your area that can assist you in improving your home security systems.

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