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8 Software Tools Essential To Online Security From Cyber Attacks

06 April 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Dan Martin in Alarming

ways to protect your online security

In this age of technology, an online presence has become vital for every business. The internet has become a popular place for businesses to advertise their products and sell. But then, security threats have also increased by leaps and bounds, making it essential to secure business systems.

A viable solution for many businesses is investing in cybersecurity software tools. These tools help to mitigate the threat posed by hackers, malware, and viruses to firms. This article looks into the top software tools that can help to protect your network, systems, and applications from attacks.

Let's get into it.

1. Firewalls

A firewall is a core security tool that every business with an online presence needs. It can come as either a software or hardware tool or sometimes a blend of the two. Its main job is to filter traffic to and from a private network to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

As a business, you should never gamble when it comes to firewalls. Security experts list them as the first line of defence that will help you stop anything malicious. You need to choose the right type of firewall depending on your business security needs and the level of security you want.

2. Web vulnerability scanning tools

There's a long list of known website vulnerabilities. They include open redirection, directory traversal, Some command injection vulnerabilities, SQL injection, etc. A web vulnerability scanner automates the scanning process and determines whether some areas of your business may be vulnerable.

It is vital to pick a web vulnerability scanner that fits your needs carefully. The various scanners available out there have their strengths and weaknesses. It would be best if you determined the needs of your business before you pick one. You will hit the ground running if you have the right vulnerability scanning tool.

3. Antivirus software

Viruses and malware are among the most significant threats that businesses deal with in today's online environment. Antivirus software is the best tool that you can use to detect, identify and prevent viruses from attacking your systems, as they're designed to do these processes automatically.

The best thing about antivirus software is that it protects your entire system. You also do not need to update it regularly as it auto-updates once there's a new version. You can also use advanced features on various antivirus software. For instance, it can scan every email and verify the safety of its attachments.

4. Encryption tools

You can protect your data by making it unusable for attackers using encryption tools. An encryption software alters readable information into unreadable data to prevent malicious usage. Meaning, attackers won't open your data or use it even if they gain access to your network or system.

Encryption tools like proxies also protect data in transit, making it safe to interact with web servers. A proxy is one of the best encryption tools that you should invest in if you prioritize security. In short, proxies and other encryption tools don't prevent theft. They make the data unusable and thus safe.

5. PKI services

Public key infrastructure (PKI) is a very critical security tool for any business. It helps to prevent blind interactions with malicious persons on the internet. You can also use it to secure data on transit and distribute public encryption keys to avoid many cyber threats.

These services can help you to implement multi-factor authentication on your site. It also supports the creation of digital signatures and helps to build trust on the internet. As a business, investing in PKI will help you to build an identity that will help boost trustworthy customer and B2B interactions.

6. Managed detection and response service (MDR)

The defences that businesses used in the past against cyber threats may not work today. Hackers and attackers are getting smarter, and you need intelligent solutions to counter their efforts. Monitoring systems, identifying threats, and responding to them determines how successful a business becomes.

If you're looking to ensure all these, you should consider investing in MDR. It is a viable solution for businesses that do not have many resources but focus on protecting their data. This technology works automatically, investigates, and orchestrates responses faster than many others.

7. Network security monitoring tool

Network traffic can be a source of threats for a business with an online presence. A network security monitoring tool is all that you need to protect your network from such threats. This tool scans your entire network and helps identify the latest methods that malicious persons and software could use to infiltrate your system.

The best thing about using this tool is that it supports not only threat detection but also response formulation. It helps you to determine the best way to respond to the risks that your network faces. It also provides regular reports from audits conducted automatically. It helps to prevent various business threats that you face.

8. Penetration testing

Another important way to prevent malicious access to your network is using penetration testing. Operating systems, applications, etc., play significant roles in securing business systems. The best way to prevent online threats is to develop solutions and techniques similar to those that criminals use to access your system.

There're various threats that penetration testing can help to prevent. For instance, you can use it to prevent phishing, code injection, and password cracking. You can either consider manual or automatic penetration testing, depending on your business needs.

Using penetration testing will help you to identify the areas of weakness in your security and potential threats.


Effective cybersecurity mainly relies on how a business conducts itself online. You can ensure your network is safe by conducting regular security audits, updating your security software and applications, or ensuring regular data backups.

Investing in the right cybersecurity software tools helps to enhance online security. Although you adhere to the best online security practices, the tools you use also matter. Explore the software tools mentioned in this article to stop cyber threats and reduce their impact whenever they occur.

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